Recycled Content Trash Bag Program

CalRecycle oversees California’s Recycled Content Trash Bag Program required by statute and regulations. Regulated plastic trash bags are plastic bags intended for sale in California that are 0.7 mil or greater in thickness used to hold, store, or transport materials to be discarded, composted, or recycled.

This includes:

  • garbage bags,
  • can liner bags,
  • kitchen bags,
  • compactor bags,
  • composting bags,
  • lawn and leaf bags,
  • and recycling bags.
roll of plastic bags

Plastic trash bags do not include grocery, hazardous waste, or medical waste bags.

Program Requirements

The program requirements apply to regulated trash bag Manufacturers and Wholesalers selling to the State of California’s Boards, Departments, Offices, Agencies, etc.

Suppliers selling recycled plastic postconsumer material (RPPCM) to Manufacturers of regulated trash bags are also governed by the Law.

The Recycled Content Trash Bag law is intended to reduce waste from California’s landfills and promote the use of recycled plastics to build a circular economy. To achieve this, the law requires the following:

  • Specific amounts of RPPCM be used by Manufacturers
  • Reporting by Wholesalers, Manufacturers, and RPPCM Suppliers.

Manufacturers and Wholesalers must submit compliance certifications by March 1 of each year.
CalRecycle publishes a list of compliant and noncompliant Manufacturers and Wholesalers by July 1 of each year. Noncompliant companies are ineligible for the award of any State contract until CalRecycle determines that they are compliant.


Requirements for Manufacturers of plastic trash bags.


Requirements for Wholesalers of plastic trash bags.

RPPCM Suppliers

Requirements for Recycled Plastic Postconsumer Material Suppliers.

Contracting and Compliance

Compliance lists and State Contracting requirements.

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