Compliance Lists and State Contracting

The Recycled Content Trash Bag Law requires CalRecycle to publish a list of noncompliant Manufacturers and Wholesalers. Known Manufacturers and Wholesalers that did not submit a certification by March 1 or did not comply with the requirements are included on this noncompliant list. Noncompliant companies are not allowed to contract or provide services to the State of California.

We also publish a list of those in compliance. Compliance is based on the certifications received each reporting year.   

These lists are published annually by July 1 of each year.

CalRecycle’s lists may not include all Manufacturers or Wholesalers that are required to submit a certification. Manufacturers or Wholesalers of regulated trash bags that are not on any list are considered noncompliant.

Current Compliance Lists:

Historical Compliance Lists:

Compliance and State Contracts

Compliance lists are transmitted to the Department of General Services and State procurement officers. Noncompliant companies are ineligible for the award of any state contract or subcontract, or for the renewal, extension or modification of an existing contract or subcontract with the State of California for the provision of any goods or services.

The Law regarding noncompliance and ineligibility to do business with the State of California can be found in the Recycled Content Trash Bag statute.

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