Waste Tire Hauler Requirements

State law requires every person who transports 10 or more used/waste tires within California to be a registered tire hauler and to transport waste/used tires only to authorized facilities. Registered haulers shall initiate a comprehensive trip log for waste/used tire loads, possess the comprehensive trip log during transportation, and retain comprehensive trip log for 3 years. See the waste tire hauler Web site for more information on current hauler requirements and forms.

All registered waste tire haulers hauling any amount of waste/used tires and all exempt haulers transporting 10 or more waste/used tires at any given time on a public road, must comply with the following requirements of the waste tire manifest system:

Obtain Hauler Registration

All haulers that transport 10 or more waste/used tires must possess a valid CalRecycle issued waste tire hauler registration certificate and display the registered waste tire hauler decal in the lower corner (passenger side) of the windshield unless exempted by PRC section 42954. Exempt haulers must have a copy of the “Letter of Exemption” issued by CalRecycle in their possession at the time of the haul. Foreign haulers are no longer exempt and must comply with waste tire hauler registration requirements. Common carriers, agricultural haulers, and all government agencies are exempt from the waste tire hauler registration requirements but must comply with the waste tire manifesting requirements when hauling 10 or more waste/used tires.

Have Comprehensive Trip Logs

Haulers must have comprehensive trip log forms available for their use in picking up, hauling, and delivering or disposing of waste/used tires. Blank comprehensive trip log forms can be obtained free of charge from CalRecycle and generally should arrive within 5–7 business days of ordering. An initial supply of waste tire comprehensive trip log forms is issued to registered haulers and order forms will be included with each shipment. More form ordering information.

Maintain Comprehensive Trip Logs

Registered waste tire haulers are required to complete and have in their possession an accurate, up-to-date comprehensive trip log for every load of tires hauled, regardless of size or quantity. This requirement applies to exempt haulers (exempted by PRC section 42954) when hauling 10 or more waste/used tires on a public road. The comprehensive trip log must contain an entry for each pick-up and delivery made.

Complete Comprehensive Trip Logs

The hauler is responsible for providing and completing the comprehensive trip log. Haulers must ensure that all information entered is accurate and legible, especially the load type and load amount. The hauler will complete a receipt for every pick up or delivery made, allow the generator/end use facility operator to review the receipt, and have the operator initial showing that the information is correct. The receipt will be given to the operator for them to retain for 3 years at their place of business.

Out-of-State/Country Hauls

All haulers (including common carriers, agricultural haulers, and government agencies) that pick-up or deliver waste tire loads outside of California must complete the comprehensive trip logs as like completing the comprehensive trip logs within the state. Failure to show the origin or destination point will result in discrepancies and may result in further investigation and enforcement.

Distribute Comprehensive Trip Logs

The hauler is responsible for distributing copies of the comprehensive trip log as follows:

  • Original Top (tear-off receipts): Provided to the generator or end use facility operator to retain at their place of business for a minimum of 3 years.
  • 2nd copy: Retained by the hauler at their place of business for a minimum of 3 years.
  • 3rd copy: Send to CalRecycle as a preaddressed, postage-paid self-mailer, which is included on the form.

The hauler is required to send the CalRecycle copy of the comprehensive trip log to CalRecycle within 14 days but not later than 90 days of the waste tire shipment. Haulers are encouraged to send in their copies as soon as possible to ensure accurate waste tire tracking.

Other Responsibilities

Waste tire haulers are also responsible for:

  • Knowing if the tires are unloaded and stored for any period of time the storage location becomes the end use facility and terminates the trip. (Note: the storage of 500 or more waste tires may require additional permits for that location.)
  • Knowing that next time the tires are moved, the storage location becomes the generator and a comprehensive trip log form must be completed.
  • Understanding and accurately completing the comprehensive trip log for various business scenarios or trip types.

Additional Resources

  • Hauler registration: Information and requirements on how to become a registered hauler.
  • Sample Business Transactions: For examples and illustrations of various haul scenarios. Information includes requirements in which haulers act as generators and scenarios involving “In Transit” loads.
  • Hauler Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Common questions and information pertaining to waste tire haulers.
  • Guidance manual: For illustrations, instructions, and requirements of the Waste Tire Manifest Program.

For more information contact: Tire Management Program Hotline, WasteTires@calrecycle.ca.gov