End Use Facility Requirements

End use facilities that receive waste/used tires for handling, altering, storage, disposal, or any combination thereof, are responsible for the following:

Be Permitted

End use facilities accepting waste tires must be a permitted or authorized waste tire facility under regulations administered by CalRecycle. More information on permitted waste tire facilities is available by calling the waste tire hotline (toll free) at 1-866-896-0600.

Use Registered Haulers

End use facilities should ensure that waste tire haulers making deliveries to their facility are currently registered with CalRecycle unless the hauler is exempted by PRC section 42954. Exempt haulers need to have a copy of the “Letter of Exemption” issued by CalRecycle in their possession at the time of the haul. Registered waste tire haulers must carry their registration certificate in the vehicle used to transport waste/used tires, and these vehicles must display the registered waste tire hauler decal in the lower corner of the passenger side windshield.

  • Foreign haulers are no longer exempt and must comply with waste tire hauler registration requirements.
  • Common carriers, agricultural haulers, and all government agencies are exempt from the waste tire hauler registration requirements but must comply with the waste tire manifesting requirements described in this manual when hauling 10 or more waste tires to an end use facility.

If a hauler is transporting 10 or more waste tires but does not possess a valid CalRecycle registration and corresponding decal or does not have a comprehensive trip log, the end use facility should accept the waste tires. The end use facility shall complete an Unregistered Hauler & Comprehensive Trip Logs Substitution Form, CalRecycle 204 within 48 hours and submit the form to CalRecycle within 30 days. If possible, provide the hauler with information about the waste tire manifest system and waste tire hauler registration requirements, including the toll-free hotline number. Unregistered haulers transporting fewer than 10 waste tires are not required to comply with the hauler registration or manifesting requirements. Registered waste tire haulers carrying any number of waste tires are required to comply with the manifesting requirements. You can search the waste tire hauler database database for registered haulers in your area (by county) or by calling 1-866-896-0600 (toll free).

Obtain Tire Program ID Number

Tire program identification (TPID) numbers are unique numbers assigned by CalRecycle to each business or public entity involved in the generation, hauling, and delivery or disposal of waste tires. Request a TPID or use the TPID Search to find an existing TPID for a business.

Complete Comprehensive Trip Log Forms

The hauler will provide the Comprehensive Trip Log receipt to the end use facility operator who is ultimately responsible to ensure the information on the receipt is correct, then signs the receipt, and retains the receipt for 3 years at their place of business.

Additional Resources

  • Sample Business Transactions: Scenarios and corresponding requirements for various business transactions involving generators, haulers, and end-use facilities.
  • Guidance manual: For illustrations, instructions, and requirements of the Waste Tire Manifest Program.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Common questions and information pertaining to waste tire generators and end use facilities.

For more information contact: Tire Management Program Hotline, WasteTires@calrecycle.ca.gov