Orientation for New Local Enforcement Agency Staff

Welcome new local enforcement agency staff! We are glad that you are a part of a unique partnership between CalRecycle and local agencies for solid waste enforcement and waste tire enforcement.

We have put together an electronic orientation to help you. These resources are intended to provide an introduction to CalRecycle programs, and to provide you with some handy web links in an effort to ease your transition into your new role. Please bookmark this page for easy navigation!

  • CalRecycle home page
  • CalEPA home page
  • About CalRecycle will introduce you to CalRecycle programs and our mission.
  • California Code of Regulations, Title 14 and Title 27
  • LEA Central is the key information resource for LEAs. Use this site to access all LEA-related information. *Helpful hint: use the index to navigate these pages.
  • Permit Toolbox contains links to the various tools and resources developed by CalRecycle.
  • County and City Assignments lists CalRecycle staff assignments by LEA jurisdiction.
  • LEA Training lists all upcoming trainings offered by CalRecycle’s LEA Support Services Section specifically for LEAs, solid waste facility operators, and CalRecycle staff.
  • LEA Evaluations contains information on LEA evaluation procedures, schedules for upcoming evaluations, and helpful links to services and programs.
  • LEA Performance Standards for inspections, permitting, enforcement, closure, and postclosure.
  • California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health (CCDEH) is comprised of 58 jurisdictions, including both counties and cities. Associate membership is open to all environmental health professionals.
  • LEA Roundtables are quarterly meetings held throughout California that allow CalRecycle staff and LEAs to discuss policies, regulations, and issues.
  • Enforcement Advisory Council (EAC) serves CalRecycle as an advisory committee representing the various regions of the state and the disciplines engaged in solid waste enforcement.

For more information contact: LEA Support Services, PermitTrainingAssistance@calrecycle.ca.gov