Programs, Services, and Resources


  • Training: LEA Central training home page, which includes links to training news, master schedule, registration forms, and announcements.
  • Closed, Illegal, and Abandoned Sites: The purpose of this program is to assist local enforcement agencies in investigating and enforcing state minimum standards at CIA sites in California.


  • Permit Tool Box: A one-stop site for locating and retrieving permit tools and resources.
  • Laundry ListA list of items that comprise a complete and correct permit application package.
  • CIWMB Form 1000: Notice of Designation of Local Agency ( | Word)


Commonly Used Regulations (California Code of Regulations, Title 14, Chapter 5) for LEA Designation/Certification and Evaluation.

Please note: These citations do not encompass all of the regulations associated with LEA designation/certification and evaluations.


Article 1
Definitions and General Provisions
Sections 18010-18020

Article 2
Designation of a Local Agency and the Appointment of Hearing Panels
Sections 18050-18060

Article 2.1
LEA Certification Requirements
Sections 18070-18078


Article 2.2
LEA Performance Standards, Evaluation Criteria, and Duties and Responsibilities
Sections 18080-18084

Article 2.3
Board Actions Over LEAs
Sections 18085-18088

Regulations also exist regarding the decertification of LEAs.

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