Pharmaceutical and Sharps Enforcement

The Pharmaceutical and Sharps Waste Stewardship law (Public Resources Code sections 42030 through 42036.4) requires the establishment and implementation of statewide programs for the proper collection, management, and disposal of covered pharmaceutical and home generated sharps waste products.

Resource Information

CalRecycle’s Pharmaceutical & Sharps Enforcement team provides compliance oversight and, as necessary, enforcement of the Pharmaceutical and Sharps Waste Stewardship law. The inspectors determine compliance through research and field inspections.

Program News...

  • June 11, 2024 CalRecycle updated the list of covered entities and covered products that are part of approved stewardship plans.
  • December 23, 2022: CalRecycle released the Pharma Sharps Referral System to submit notifications of covered entities not listed on CalRecycle’s webpage. The referral system also supports reporting concerns related to the Pharmaceutical and Sharps Waste Stewardship program.

Pharmaceutical and Sharps Enforcement Unit

Job Title
State of California Badge ID
Trevor O’ShaughnessyManager164
Eric Yee
Brett Johnson
Max Claret
Kris RogersStaff711
Marisa KwongStaff721
Shae Van OmmenStaff722
James FinchStaff642

For information about CalRecycle’s pharmaceutical and sharps compliance and enforcement oversight contact To learn more about California’s pharmaceutical and sharps law, go to the Pharmaceutical and Sharps Waste Stewardship Homepage.

For more information contact: Pharmaceutical and Sharps Unit,