Pharmaceutical and Sharps Program Lists

Distributors, Wholesalers, and Retailers of Covered Products

Distributors, wholesalers, pharmacies, and retailers must monitor CalRecycle’s listing of covered entities and covered products to determine whether the products being sold or offered for sale are supplied by a covered entity.

If distributors, wholesalers, and retailers determine that a covered entity is not listed, they must notify CalRecycle. Not notifying CalRecycle is a violation and could result in penalties. Notification can be achieved by using the Pharma Sharps Referral System or emailing

This site can keep Californians informed of approved manufacturers and products and locate authorized collection sites.

safe medication disposal site bin
pharmacy sign on store front

Covered Entities and Covered Product

The pharmaceutical and sharps industries must participate in a CalRecycle approved stewardship program that provides safe and convenient disposal options for covered products. To review covered entities and products complying with the law, use the following:

List of Covered Entities

Authorized Collection Sites

Californians can drop off unwanted or unused pharmaceuticals (prescription and over the counter) at an authorized collection site.

To find the nearest authorized collection site, consult the List of Authorized Collection Sites.


Consumers can verify the status of a pharmacy license at the Department of Consumer Affairs License Search page (provided by the Board of Pharmacy).

Please note that not all pharmacies are required to serve as drug take back locations.

For more information contact: Pharmaceutical and Sharps Enforcement Unit,