CalRecycle Contracts

Sometimes CalRecycle must contract out services that cannot be provided by department staff.

Once the needs are identified and approved, staff prepares and solicits a request for a contractor(s) to provide the services under the following methods:

  • Small Business/Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Option
  • Invitation for Bid (IFB)
  • Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Request for Qualification (RFQ)


If you are interested and want to be informed of updates, you must get on the email list for that particular contract by completing the online form located on the specific contract’s details page.

Disaster Debris Removal Contracts

CalRecycle may use emergency procedures to select a contractor when a disaster occurs. 

Electronic Bid System

CalRecycle launched a fully integrated electronic bid (eBid) submission platform to modernize procurement processes with a more user-friendly interface.

Benefits of the new system:

  • Reduces cost by cutting down printing.
  • Removes the need for flash drives or courier services.
  • Offers a more streamlined and intuitive experience.
  • Quick and simple submission.

Contractors have the ability to:

  • Access the eBid system.
  • Create and manage their profiles.
  • Perform file uploads and downloads.

The system will also improve the submittal process by:

  • Validating mandatory fields and requirements.
  • Facilitating secure, accurate, and complete submissions.

To Use the System

Vendor Guide – How to Submit A Bid

If you require technical assistance, submit a ticket directly to the City Innovative Help Center.

For questions or support related to the transition, contact CalRecycle at