State of California’s Consolidated Debris Removal and Hazard Tree Removal Program (Program)

Following major wildland fire incidents, CalRecycle is frequently mission tasked by the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) to manage a program that coordinates structural disaster debris and hazardous tree removal operations. CalRecycle has created this webpage to assist interested contractors in obtaining information on contract solicitations specific to disaster debris and hazard tree removal (DDHTR) services and other disaster related emergency projects. To maximize CalRecycle’s readiness for future disasters and allow all contractors to tell us about your capabilities and experience, we invite contractors to pre-qualify with CalRecycle.

Disaster Debris and Hazard Tree Removal Services- Pre-Qualification List

The first stage of solicitation is to pre-qualify (Stage 1). The second stage (Stage 2) will be conducted when an incident occurs. In Stage 2, CalRecycle will provide pre-qualified contractors with an incident-specific scope of work, so that contractors may submit bids. This process will increase efficiency and allow CalRecycle to deploy clean-up crews as expeditiously as possible.

Stage 1

During Stage 1, CalRecycle will accept pre-qualification application packages on an ongoing basis. Contractors will submit pre-qualification application packages for specific categories and regions, for either the debris removal function, the hazard tree removal function, or both. Predicting when an incident occurs is impossible; therefore, contractors are advised to submit applications as soon as possible. CalRecycle will post a notice here to notify all interested parties not previously pre-qualified that they may submit a Pre-Qualification Application Package within five (5) days. Contractors whose Pre-Qualification Application Packages are received beyond the five (5) days will not be eligible to participate in Stage 2 for the noticed incident.

Download the pre-qualification application package below and follow the submission instructions.

Solicitation Documents

Reference Documents

Conference Documents

Various technical documents can be accessed by visiting our Contractor Resources page.

Stage 2

During Stage 2, after the Governor’s Office has declared a disaster, CalRecycle will post a “Request for Bids” to all pre-qualified contractors for a particular category (depending on the number of parcels and hazardous trees) and applicable region.

Interested pre-qualified contractors shall submit bids to CalRecycle according to the Stage 2 instructions.

Download Request for Bids, upon availability.

Emergency Contract Solicitation Information

In the event that CalRecycle must solicit disaster-related contracts separate from this process, the solicitation documents will be posted here.

Explore prior awarded disaster debris contracts here.

Additional Information

Subscribe to CalRecycle’s Emergency Debris Recovery Contracts Listserv if you would like to be notified when emergencies require post-incident contractor assistance. Common needs include:

  • Debris or tree removal and disposal services
  • Debris assessments, monitoring, and environmental consulting services

The Department of General Services Procurement Division (DGS-PD) is assisting CalRecycle with our recovery efforts by establishing Master Service Agreements (MSA) for Assessment and Monitoring (A&M) Services for Disaster Debris and Hazard Tree Removal. For more information about the resulting MSA, please visit DGS-PD for award information here.

For more information about our recovery efforts, visit the Disaster Recovery Home Page.