Stewardship Plans

Revised California Carpet Stewardship Plan 2018-2022

Process and Archives

Older versions of carpet stewardship plans submitted by CARE are below.
California Carpet Stewardship Plan 2018-2022, revised August 17, 2018

California Carpet Stewardship Plan 2018-2022

Revised California Carpet Stewardship Plan 2017-2021

2016 California Carpet Stewardship Plan (i.e., Plan Version 3.2.2 as modified by addenda #1-3, below)

An addendum to a Plan is used after formal plan approval to address changing conditions and implementation challenges when it is not timely for a stewardship organization to wait for the next Annual Report review. On December 28, 2014, CARE submitted an Addendum to its approved Plan to respond to CalRecycle’s decision of noncompliance and has requested accelerated review and approval of the Addendum. The Addendum describes changes CARE is making to improve the Program and address non-compliance. The Director of CalRecycle reviewed the Addendum and made a decision to accept changes in the Addendum as explained in a letter to CARE (PDF 245). Acceptance of the Addendum does not mean that CalRecycle considers the Program in compliance. CalRecycle evaluates compliance at the time of Annual Report reviews.

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