This page includes links to all of the forms found throughout LEA Central and Solid Waste Facilities, Sites and Operations.


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Solid Waste Information System (SWIS) Data Entry Forms

  • CalRecycle 37 (Fillable PDF) A form used by CalRecycle staff and LEAs to obtain a Solid Waste Information System (SWIS) number from CalRecycle or submit updates to the SWIS database.
  • Minimum data required to obtain a site/SWIS number
  • SWIS Portal Agreement (Fillable PDF) A form used by LEAs to authorize staff to submit inspections reports via the SWIS Agency Portal. The agreement will also add new staff to the LEA Directory and LEA Roundtable email list. 

Closed, Illegal and Abandoned (CIA) Disposal Sites Forms

  • Closed, Illegal and Abandoned Site PrioritizationDefines CIA disposal site prioritization codes. Each CIA site must be identified by one of these codes.
  • Declaration Form (Word), PDF version–A form to be used by CalRecycle staff to provide information on their personal knowledge of the facts regarding a particular circumstance. The declaration is testified to under the laws of the State of California and provided to CalRecycle.
  • Gas Monitoring and Control System Plan Review (Draft)–A report template to be used when preparing a gas monitoring and control system plan.
  • Notice and Order Template (Word), PDF version–A template to be used when a notice and order must be issued against a disposal site. To be completed and acted upon by CalRecycle or local enforcement agencies.
  • Property Access Authorization FormWord download (Word), PDF version (CalRecycle 699)–An authorization form used by CalRecycle staff, their designated contractors, and representatives to gain access to investigate CIA sites.
  • Request for Hearing Form (CalRecycle 218, revised September 2011)–A form to be completed by LEA staff, disposal site operators and/or owners or other interested parties to request a hearing before CalRecycle. The hearing can be requested for denial, suspension or revocation of a permit, administrative civil penalty, to challenge the terms and conditions of a permit, to appeal an enforcement order, to allege failure of the enforcement agency to act as required by law or regulation or to appeal the completeness review of a registration or standardized permit.
  • Sampling LogTracks where and when a soil sample is taken, the sample ID number and a physical description of the soil.
  • Site Assessment Form. (CalRecycle 881)–A form used by CalRecycle and LEA staff to assess CIA sites.
  • Site Identification Form. (CalRecycle 880, revised January 2017)–A form used to collect data on CIA facilities. Used by LEAs and CalRecycle.
  • Trench Log–A form for used to map trenches in field investigations conducted at CIA sites.

Closure Forms

Composting Site Visit Forms

  • OCAP Pre-Evaluation Form (CIWMB 208)–A form to be completed by LEAs or CalRecycle staff prior to visiting a composting facility or operation.
  • OCAP Site Visit Form (CIWMB 209)–A form to be completed by LEAs or CalRecycle staff during a visit to a composting facility or operation.

Enforcement Form

  • Request for Hearing Form (CalRecycle 218, revised September 2011)–LEAs give this form to solid waste facility operators when they propose or issue a permit.

Equipment Loan Forms

Inspection Report Forms

Permit Finding Request Forms

  • Conformance Finding Request FormPDF–Usually submitted to CalRecycle’s Office of Local Assistance by Permitting staff. Also used by LEAs to request an early consultation.
  • Financial Assurances Review Request (CalRecycle 217, revised January 2017)–Usually submitted to CalRecycle’s Financial Assurances Unit by Permitting staff. Also used by LEAs to request an early consultation. Please Note: If you are not able to access this form please contact Elizabeth Felix, CalRecycle Financial Assurances staff.

Permitting Forms

Three-Part Test Form

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