Enforcement Program Plan Toolbox



The Enforcement Program Plan (EPP) Toolbox provides online tools and resources to provide guidance to local enforcement agencies (LEA) in regards to the EPP-related tasks and responsibilities.

The EPP is required to be established and maintained by the LEA pursuant to Public Resources Code Section 43209(e) and Title 14, California Code of Regulations (14 CCR) Section 18077. The EPP is the document CalRecycle uses to certify the LEA’s status as a local enforcement agency and to verify that the LEA is meeting all of its legal duties under the Public Resources Code and Title 14.

How to Use the Toolbox

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Toolbox Maintenance

This resource will be continuously changing and improving based on new information and your feedback.

Contacts by Jurisdiction

LEA Certification and Evaluation Supervisor: Mary Kay Shafer

Contacts by Jurisdiction

JurisdictionLEA CodeCalRecycle Staff Contact
Alameda County01-AADiana Cozadd
Alpine County02-AASandra Jimenez
Amador County03-AALynn Smith
Butte County04-AADiana Cozadd
Calaveras County05-AALynn Smith
Colusa County06-AALynn Smith
Contra Costa County07-AASandra Jimenez
City of Pittsburg07-ACDiana Cozadd
Del Norte County08-AASandra Jimenez
El Dorado County09-AADiana Cozadd
Fresno County10-AASandra Jimenez
Glenn County11-AALynn Smith
Humboldt County12-AADiana Cozadd
Imperial County13-AASandra Jimenez
Inyo County14-AALynn Smith
Kern County15-AASandra Jimenez
Kings County16-AASandra Jimenez
Lake County17-AALynn Smith
Lassen County18-AALynn Smith
Los Angeles County19-AASandra Jimenez
City of West Covina19-AFMary Kay Shafer
City of Los Angeles19-ARDiana Cozadd
Sunshine Canyon Landfill19-ATDiana Cozadd
City of Vernon19-DEDiana Cozadd
Madera County20--AALynn Smith
Marin County21-AASandra Jimenez
Mariposa County22-AADiana Cozadd
Mendocino County23-AASandra Jimenez
Merced County24-AADiana Cozadd
Modoc County25-AADiana Cozadd
Mono County26-AALynn Smith
Monterey County27-AALynn Smith
Napa County28-AASandra Jimenez
Nevada County29-AADiana Cozadd
Orange County30-ABLynn Smith
Placer County
31-AASandra Jimenez
Plumas County32-AALynn Smith
Riverside County33-AADiana Cozadd
Sacramento County34-AADiana Cozadd
San Bernardino County36-AASandra Jimenez
San Diego County37-AASandra Jimenez
City of San Diego37-ABDiana Cozadd
San Francisco County38-AADiana Cozadd
San Joaquin County39-AASandra Jimenez
San Mateo County41-AALynn Smith
Santa Barbara County42-AALynn Smith
Santa Clara County43-AALynn Smith
City of San Jose43-ANDiana Cozadd
Shasta County45-AADiana Cozadd
Sierra County46-AADiana Cozadd
Siskiyou County47-AASandra Jimenez
Solano County48-AASandra Jimenez
Sonoma County49-AALynn Smith
Sutter County51-AALynn Smith
Tehama County52-AALynn Smith
Trinity County53-AALynn Smith
Tulare County54-AASandra Jimenez
Tuolumne County55-AALynn Smith
Ventura County56-AASandra Jimenez
Yolo County57-AADiana Cozadd
Yuba County58-AALynn Smith

Submittal Guidelines

The minimum Enforcement Program Plan (EPP) documents required are described in 18077(a)(1-13). Samples are available on the Forms and Documents page.

Specific Updates:

  • 18051 (2)(f)-Hearing panel/hearing officer must be updated prior to expiration
  • 18077 (a)(6)-Tally of comprehensive facility type and vehicle type list-should match SWIS and designated information package (DIP) enumeration list
  • 18077 (a)(7)-Time-task analysis (TTA) should match comprehensive tally; if no change, submit updated TTA with new FY.
  • 18077 (a)(9)-LEA operating budget; if no change, submit updated budget with new FY.

Guidance Documents, Forms and Sample Documents

For your convenience, the guidance PDFs below provide in-depth details on the EPP annual review.

  • Annual Update Guidance. Guidance provided to LEAs to assist with the annual update of the EPP
  • Budget Guide. Guidance provided to LEAs during the annual update to meet 14 CCR 18074 Category Requirements for the LEA EPP
  • Checklist. Checklist provided to LEAs to indicate what changes and/or updates to EPP documents are being submitted. (Required to be submitted with the annual EPP update.)


The PDF forms below may be used by the LEA.

  • Vehicle Inspection Frequency. Inspection frequency form used by LEAs to indicate when they inspect solid waste handling and collection equipment pursuant to 14 CCR 18083(a)(8).
  • Budget. Budget form for LEAs designed to satisfy the requirements of 14 CCR 18074 Adequacy of Budget Resources
  • Time-Task Analysis. Time-task analysis form provided to LEAs to demonstrate that the LEA has adequate staff to carry out all the duties of the solid waste permitting and inspection program per 14 CCR 18073
  • Enumeration of Solid Waste Handling/Collection Operators. Enumeration form that LEAs may use to document Solid Waste Handling/Collection Operators per 14 CCR 18051(i) and 17332
  • Hearing Panel/Hearing Officer. Form for LEAs to identify members of the hearing panel/hearing officer pursuant to 14 CCR 18060 (or may submit resolution)

Sample Documents

The PDFs below provide examples of how to complete some of the forms listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Enforcement Program Plan (EPP) need to be updated every year?

Yes, updates to the EPP must be submitted annually.  Per 14 CCR 18081(e)(4), “The components of the EPP shall be reviewed and amended by the LEA annually or more frequently as determined by CalRecycle to reflect any changes.”

What items are required to be submitted during the Annual Update?

Not all components need to be submitted every year. Please see the guide below to determine what items the LEA is required to provide to CalRecycle during the Annual Update:

Items that must be updated:

  • Facility & Vehicle Tally 18077 (a)(6)
    • Needed to prepare the Time Task Analysis (TTA).
    • Should match the SWIS database (SWIS) and the Designation Information Package (DIP).
  • Time-Task Analysis 18077 (a)(7)
    • If no change, resubmit with the current fiscal year indicated.
  • Budget 18077 (a)(9)
    • If no change, resubmit with the current fiscal year indicated.

Items that may be updated:

  • EPP Goals & Objectives 18077 (a)(3)
    • Update as needed.
  • Local Solid Waste Ordinances 18077(a)(5)
    • Update if any local ordinances or regulations change.
  • Staff Technical Expertise 18077(a)(8)
    • Document any LEA program staffing changes or changes in the TTA that would alter the number of staff needed to perform LEA duties and responsibilities.
  • Staff Training Procedures 18077(a)(10)
    • Update as needed.
  • Permitting, Closure/Postclosure Manual 18077(a)(11)
    • Closure/Postclosure Manual requires review to ensure manual is up-to-date with changes in statute or regulations.
  • Inspection, Investigation, Compliance, Assurance, Enforcement & Hearing Panel Utilization Manual 18077 (a)(12)
    • Requires review to ensure manual is up-to-date with changes in statute or regulations.
  • Disposal Site ID, Assessment & Corrective Action Procedure Manual 18077(a)(13)
  • Form 1000, LEA Designation 18077(a)(2) & DIP 18051(a)
    • Reflect current LEA information.
    • New information may be submitted in a letter format.
    • A new Form 1000 with a local governing body signature is only required if the designated LEA or its jurisdiction of authority has changed.
  • Organizational Chart Documentation LEA Separation 18077(a)(2) & DIP 18051(d)
    • Ensure and document clear separation of LEA from any public agencies or departments which own/operate sites in that jurisdiction under the local governing body.
  • Organizational Chart of Designated Agency 18077(a)(2) & DIP 18051(e)
    • Update to reflect staffing changes, etc.
  • Hearing Panel Member/Officer 18077(a)(2) & DIP 18051(f)
    • Check to make sure Hearing Panel/Officer member status is current. Must be updated prior to expiration.
  • Waste Facilities & Disposal Site Enumeration 18077(a)(2) & DIP 18051(h)
    • Update when facilities are added or removed.
    • Update owner/operator contact information as needed.
  • Collection Operation & Handling Enumeration 18077(a)(2) & DIP 18051(i)
    • Update as needed.

Items that are unlikely to be updated:

  • Certification Request Letter 18077(a)(1)
    • Update if LEA is changing the types of certification to include new solid waste facilities for which the LEA has no certification.
  • Cover Letter (with DIP submittal) 18077(a)(2) & DIP 18051(b)
    • Not required to be updated.
  • Enabling Resolutions 18077(a)(2) & DIP 18051(c)
    • Update when there is a newly incorporated city/cities within the jurisdiction that may affect the majority requirement for certification.
  • Enabling Ordinances or Resolutions for Jurisdictional Authority 18077(a)(4)
    • Update when there is a newly incorporated city/cities within the jurisdiction that may affect the majority requirement for certification.
  • Tabulation of Municipal Resolutions 18077(a)(2)  & DIP 18051(g)
    • Update when there is a newly incorporated city/cities within the jurisdiction that may affect the majority requirement for certification.

Does CalRecycle offer any forms or samples of the EPP items?

Yes, you may find forms and/or sample documents on the Forms and Sample toggle on this page.  You may also contact your LEA Evaluation Specialist for more details.

Can the EPP be submitted electronically?

Yes, the EPP may be submitted electronically.  Please follow the CalRecycle Guidelines on Electronic Submittal of the EPP on this page.