Annual Update Process Summary

Local enforcement agencies (LEA) guidance regarding the annual update process for the Enforcement Program Plan (EPP).

Per 14 CCR 18081(e)(4), “The components of the EPP shall be reviewed and amended by the LEA annually or more frequently as determined by CalRecycle to reflect any changes. The amended components shall be submitted to CalRecycle for approval.” The following chart demonstrates the typical EPP process:

LEA EPP Annual Update Process Summary

Text description of the annual update process summary flowchart:

  • The EPP is announced to LEA about 30 days prior to the due date.
  • Upon receipt, CalRecycle staff will review and notify LEA of any deficiencies and/or concerns (approximately 30-60 days).
  • If deficient, CalRecycle staff will be available to provide guidance to LEA.
  • CalRecycle staff will send notice that EPP review is complete.
  • Next EPP due date is updated when the review is considered complete (due same month each year).