Mattress retailer penalized $68,916 for recycling violations

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For Immediate Release: August 16, 2022
News Release #2022-06
Media Contact: Lance Klug
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SACRAMENTO – Los Angeles retailer 101 Design Furniture and Mattress faces $68,916 in penalties after failing to collect and submit consumer mattress recycling charges used to recycle old mattresses and reduce illegal dumping.

“California has kept over 7 million mattresses out of our landfills and off our streets by ensuring manufacturers, renovators and retailers manage their products once consumers are finished using them,” CalRecycle Director Rachel Machi Wagoner said. “CalRecycle will continue to hold violators accountable so Californians can turn their old mattresses into valuable new products and move the state closer to a fully circular economy.”

CalRecycle’s investigation started in January 2020 and found violations, including:

  • Failure to collect recycling charges and remit them to the mattress recycling program
  • Failure to provide inspectors access to the retailer’s facility
  • Failure to provide compliance records to state inspectors

The retailer did not correct the violations and now faces penalties of $68,916.

Mattress recycling reduces waste and illegal dumping

To reduce illegal dumping and unnecessary landfilling, California’s mattress recycling law requires the industry to oversee a statewide collection and recycling program.

The state-certified industry stewardship organization composed of manufacturers, renovators, and retailers is the Mattress Recycling Council (MRC). In addition to registering with MRC, California mattress retailers must:

  • Add a mattress recycling charge to the price of each mattress and futon.
  • Clearly display the charge as a separate line item on the invoice/receipt.
  • Offer to pick up consumers’ used mattress at no additional cost when delivering a new mattress, even if ordered online.
  • Provide CalRecycle access to facilities and relevant compliance records

Learn more about California’s mattress recycling law requirements on, or find the nearest mattress collection/recycling option near you on

Fast Facts: California’s Mattress Stewardship Program

  • The Mattress Recycling Council has operated California’s mattress recycling program since 2014.
  • Historically, the bulky nature of mattresses and the lack of affordable, convenient recycling options resulted in a high number of mattresses illegally dumped, at substantial cost to California communities.
  • Used mattresses are highly recyclable (between 75-90 percent of each mattress by weight).
  • Mattress components can be recycled into various products, including carpet, oil filters, appliances, building materials, and landscaping materials.

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