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  • 1. TIP 10 has something new added in the Narrative Proposal and that is, “Community Benefit – Job Creation/Training”. I would appreciate some background material that discusses this topic. Do you have something you can send or perhaps a link? I would like to know in general terms what CalRecycle is thinking of. Do I provide this info for each product, or can I provide one overview that would apply to all our products?

    As stated in the Tire Incentive Program Eligibility Criteria and Evaluation Process Request for Approval document, the Community Benefit – Job Creation/Training requirement is a new change for all TIP10 applicants. Applicants must provide a description in the Narrative Proposal document that describes how the needs of the community will be addressed either by creating job opportunities and/or providing job training to employ individuals locally. This verbiage is not related to participants’ product line. Specifically, describe how your recruitment process to fill vacancies within your organization ensures diversity from the community and the benefits provided to retain employees.

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