Recycling Market Development Revolving Loan Program

CalRecycle administers the Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ) loan program to assist recycling manufacturers to finance machinery, equipment, and ancillary costs, to site and expand in California (Public Resources Code, section 42023.1).

Recycling manufacturers use waste materials generated in California to make recycled-content intermediate and/or final products, assisting local jurisdictions in complying with landfill diversion laws, and supporting the Circular Economy. 

Additional background and legal information on the RMDZ Loan Program is available on our RMDZ Law and Policy page.

Eligible Applicants

  • Private, for-profit entities
  • Nonprofit organizations (except private schools)
  • Local government entities
    • Cities, counties, and cities and counties
    • Regional or local sanitation agencies, waste agencies, and joint powers authority

Eligibility Criteria

For information about the RMDZ Loan Program, including eligible/ineligible project types, download the RMDZ Eligibility Criteria.


The program’s Forms and Documents page provides the application materials. 

Program News...

  • Available Funds:
    • FY 2023-24 (July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024) $12,125,000 estimated.
  • The loan interest rate is approximately 4.00%, but varies dependent upon a loan applicants’ financial ability to qualify for a loan.
  • For updates, send an email to

Loan Recipients

Learn more about loans that have been awarded.

  • Loan Award Information: Charts displaying data on number of loans awarded, amounts, and how funds were used.
  • Loan Recipient Search: Search for loan recipients by business name, zone, county, product category, feedstock category, loan type, and/or year.