Education/Outreach: Examples

Special thanks to Alameda, Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Francisco counties for sharing the resources below for other jurisdictions to use. You may also be interested in customizable materials from CalRecycle.

Alameda County

Good Idea

Alameda Stop Waste is providing a link to its website that contains workbooks, guides, signs, posters, decals and other useful help set up or improve a workplace’s recycling program to comply with the Mandatory Recycling Ordinance.

Compliance Guide for Business: A guide for businesses and institutions explaining how to comply with the Mandatory Recycling Ordinance. Includes tips for success and case study examples.

Tips for Working with Janitorial Service Companies: Tips on working with your janitorial service company to create a simple, easy to use recycling program. It also contains sample language for your janitorial contract or next janitorial bid.

City of Commerce

As a part of its SB 1383 education and outreach efforts, the City of Commerce developed a guide on the proper segregation and recycling of inedible animal byproducts to ensure the protection of human health, animal health and the environment. The City’s Guide to Segregating and Recycling Inedible Animal Byproducts for Commercial Businesses clarifies that raw and unprocessed animal byproducts must go to a Renderer, Transporter, or Collector which has been licensed by the California Department of Food and Agriculture.


The Sacramento Regional Solid Waste Authority has a mandatory commercial organics recycling flyer and a toolbox of local options.

San Francisco

Compost Post

Zero Waste Toolkit for Successful Participation: SF Environment has provided a link to its tools for implementing business recycling and composting programs, including flyers signage, training resources, and case studies.

Customizable Materials from CalRecycle

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