Annual Reporting

California Paint Stewardship Program annual reports will be posted on this CalRecycle web page. Reports include information on volume of paint sold, postconsumer paint recovered, methods used to collect, transport, and process postconsumer paint, program costs, an evaluation of the funding mechanism, an independent financial audit, as well as education and outreach efforts.

Stewardship organizations, operating on behalf of paint manufacturers, are required to submit annual reports to CalRecycle by November 1 each year. Upon receipt, CalRecycle reviews to determine if the report is complete and notifies the submitting manufacturer or stewardship organization within 30 days. If the report is determined to be incomplete, CalRecycle then identifies what additional information must be submitted to make it complete, and the report must be resubmitted within 30 days. Upon receipt of a complete report, CalRecycle has 90 days to review and adopt a finding of compliance, noncompliance, or conditional approval.

Paint Stewardship Program Annual Reports

For more information contact: Paint Stewardship,