Plastic Pollution Prevention and Packaging Producer Responsibility Act Advisory Board


The Board will have 13 Voting Members and 3 Nonvoting Members, consisting of representatives of local government, environmental and environmental justice organizations, manufacturers, recycling and solid waste enterprises, and retail and grocery associations. 

Voting Members (13)

  • 1 representative nominated by a statewide city association*
  • 1 representative nominated by a statewide rural county association*
  • 1 representative from a disadvantaged or low-income community or rural area
  • 1 representative from an environmental protection organization
  • 1 representative from an ocean advocacy organization
  • 1 representative from an environmental justice organization
  • 1 representative of a material recovery facility in California
  • 1 representative of a recycling service provider or association of service providers
  • 1 representative from the composting industry in California
  • 4 representatives from manufacturers that produce single-use packaging/single-use plastic food ware containing postconsumer recycled content or a producer of third-party certified compostable products; members must not be members of the board of the Producer Responsibility Organization

Nonvoting Members (3)

  • 1 representative nominated by a statewide retail association*
  • 1 representative nominated by a statewide grocery association*
  • 1 representative from a Producer Responsibility Organization

* Requires nomination by respective association.

Advisory Board Duties and Responsibilities

Advisory Board members are required to perform several duties and responsibilities following their appointment. These include:

  • Meet at least once per year per PRC Section 42070 (c)
  • Comply with the Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act per PRC Section 42070(d)
  • Elect a chair of the advisory board at the first meeting to serve for the calendar year per PRC Section 42070(b)
  • Provide the PRO, CalRecycle, and a third party conducting a needs assessment with initial recommendations about creating a circular economy and implementing SB 54 as outlined in PRC Section 42070(e)
  • Review any needs assessment or update within 90 days of receipt of the assessment per PRC Section 42067
  • Review submitted PRO plans and offer written comments on the plan within 60 calendar days of receiving it pursuant to PRC Section 42070(h)
  • Publish deliverables and accomplish goals as outlined in PRC Section 42070
  • Serve for a staggered three-year term, with reappointment potential per PRC Section 42070(b)

In addition to the duties outlined above, members of the Advisory Board will be expected to:

  • Commit to attending meetings and contributing to work products outside of meeting times, including preparation of meeting notes and posting ADA accessible documents to a publicly available repository.
  • Provide own travel funding, as required.


CalRecycle is currently soliciting applications for membership to the Board. Each applicant will be allowed to apply for up to 1 membership category. In addition to submitting the application form, applicants will be required to upload a resume. For applicants applying for any category that requires a nomination, a copy of the official nomination letter (on official letterhead) from the organization must also be uploaded.

Please review the Letter of Solicitation.

The application period will close on March 24, 2023. For questions on the Advisory Board or the application process, please contact



  • Application Opens: February 17, 2023
  • Informational Session about the Advisory Board: February 28, 2023
  • Application Closes: March 24, 2023 at 11:59 PM PDT
  • Selected candidates will be notified prior to July 1, 2023