Notification of Intent to Comply with SB 1383 Regulations

CalRecycle is no longer accepting Notifications of Intent to Comply, as they were due on March 1, 2022.

Jurisdictions were required to implement SB 1383 starting on January 1, 2022. As jurisdictions prepared to implement the law, many local governments faced challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, Governor Newsom signed SB 619 (Laird, Chapter 508, Statutes of 2021) into law to support local governments as they design and implement successful organic waste recycling programs throughout the state. The law authorizes CalRecycle to waive civil penalties if a jurisdiction submits a Notification of Intent to Comply for some or all of the regulatory requirements and successfully implements a plan to correct their violations.

Notification of Intent to Comply

Jurisdictions that were unable to fully implement the regulations due to the COVID-19 pandemic could submit to CalRecycle a Notification of Intent to Comply by March 1, 2022.

CalRecycle may waive administrative civil penalties for the violations if the local jurisdiction implements the actions proposed in the Notification.

If a local jurisdiction fails to adhere to the proposed actions and schedule described in a Notification, then CalRecycle may revoke its approval and impose administrative civil penalties for violations.

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On January 13, 2022 and November 18, 2021, CalRecycle hosted statewide webinars to explain the Notification of Intent to Comply process. The webinars included a review of a Notification of Intent to Comply form and a question and answer session.

January 13, 2022

November 18, 2021

Department Approved Notifications of Intent to Comply and SB 619 Corrective Action Plans

The following is a list of jurisdictions with approved Notifications of Intent to Comply and SB 619 Corrective Action Plans (CAP). If a jurisdiction received an approved CAP amendment addendum, the approval date for the addendum is also listed.

Last updated on February 21, 2024

NameCorrective Action Plan (CAP) including Applicable Addendum(s)CAP Addendum Date(s)
Adelanto Adelanto CAP2/7/2024
Alameda-Unincorporated Alameda Unincorporated CAP
Albany Albany CAP
American Canyon American Canyon CAP3/16/2023
Anaheim Anaheim CAP
Arcata Arcata CAP9/14/2023
Atascadero Atascadero CAP
Atwater Atwater CAP
Avalon Avalon CAP
Bakersfield Bakersfield CAP5/17/2023
Bell Gardens Bell Gardens CAP7/7/2023
Beverly Hills BeverlyHills CAP3/30/2024; 2/6/2024
Big Bear City Community Services DistrictBig Bear City CSD CAP
Big Bear Lake Big Bear Lake CAP3/16/2023; 6/28/2023
Blythe Blythe CAP2/8/2024
Brea Brea CAP5/5/2023; 11/1/2023; 1/24/2024
Brentwood Brentwood CAP
Butte-Unincorporated Butte Unincorporated CAP9/22/2023
California City California City CAP2/7/2024
Calipatria Calipatria CAP
Cathedral City Cathedral City CAP
Channel Islands Beach Community Services DistrictChannel Islands Beach CSD CAP
Chico Chico CAP
Clayton Clayton CAP
Clovis Clovis CAP9/22/2023
Coachella Coachella CAP
Compton Compton CAP2/9/2024
Concord Concord CAP2/12/2024
Culver City Culver City CAP
Diamond Bar Diamond Bar CAP
El Dorado-Unincorporated El Dorado Unincorporated CAP8/1/2023; 9/28/2023; 1/4/2024
Escalon Escalon CAP6/29/2023
Eureka Eureka CAP9/28/2023; 1/31/2024
Fontana Fontana CAP
Fort Bragg Fort Bragg CAP2/7/2024
Fortuna Fortuna CAP9/29/2023
Fresno-Unincorporated Fresno Unincorporated CAP
Fresno Fresno CAP7/20/2023
Fullerton Fullerton CAP6/28/2023; 11/1/2023
Galt Galt CAP
Garden Grove Sanitary District Garden Grove Sanitary District CAP2/1/2024
Glendale Glendale CAP
Golden Hills Community Services District Golden Hills CSD CAP
Hanford Hanford CAP
Hemet Hemet CAP
Hesperia Hesperia CAP
Humboldt-Unincorporated Humboldt Unincorporated CAP9/28/2023; 2/7/2024
Imperial-Unincorporated Imperial-Unincorporated CAP
Irvine Irvine CAP
Kern-Unincorporated Kern Unincorporated CAP7/14/2023
Kings-Unincorporated Kings Unincorporated CAP2/12/2024
La Habra Heights La Habra Heights CAP
Laguna Beach Laguna Beach CAP
Lemon Grove Lemon Grove CAP4/26/2023
Livingston Livingston CAP4/17/2023; 11/1/2023
Lodi Lodi CAP8/18/2023
Long Beach Long Beach CAP6/7/2023
Loomis Loomis CAP
Los Angeles-Unincorporated Los Angeles Unincorporated CAP
Lynwood Lynwood CAP9/29/2023
Mariposa-Unincorporated Mariposa Unincorporated CAP 8/17/2023; 11/8/2023
Mendocino-Unincorporated Mendocino Unincorporated CAP9/29/2023
Menifee Menifee CAP6/29/2023
Merced-Unincorporated Merced Unincorporated CAP9/29/2023
Merced Merced CAP7/18/2023; 9/28/2023
Modesto Modesto CAP1/24/2024
Monrovia Monrovia CAP
Moreno Valley Moreno Valley CAP
Murrieta Murrieta CAP8/28/2023
Napa Napa CAP3/15/2023; 9/28/2023
Newport Beach Newport Beach CAP
Oakdale Oakdale CAP
Oakley Oakley CAP
OceansideOceanside CAP
Ontario Ontario CAP
Oroville Oroville CAP6/28/2023; 9/28/2023
Oxnard Oxnard CAP8/28/2023
Palm Springs Palm Springs CAP
Palmdale Palmdale CAP
Palos Verdes Estates Palos Verdes Estates CAP
Paradise Paradise CAP6/2/2023; 2/7/2024
Patterson Patterson CAP
Phelan Pinon Hills Community Services District Phelan Pinon Hills CSD CAP
Pittsburg Pittsburg CAP
Placentia Placentia CAP1/29/2024
Plumas-Unincorporated Plumas Unincorporated CAP
Pomona Pomona CAP
Portola Portola CAP
Rialto Rialto CAP
Ridgecrest Ridgecrest CAP6/2/2023
Rio Vista Rio Vista CAP
Riverbank Riverbank CAP
Riverside Riverside CAP2/8/2024
San Bernardino-Unincorporated San Bernardino Unincorporated CAP9/29/2023
San Joaquin-Unincorporated San Joaquin Unincorporated CAP6/5/2023; 9/29/2023
San Luis Obispo-Unincorporated San Luis Obispo Unincorporated CAP
San Mateo-Unincorporated San Mateo Unincorporated CAP5/5/2023; 2/8/2024
Santa Ana Santa Ana CAP
Santa Barbara-Unincorporated Santa Barbara-Unincorporated CAP
Santa Clarita Santa Clarita CAP2/6/2024
Santa Maria Santa Maria CAP
Sausalito Sausalito CAP
Scotts Valley Scotts Valley CAP
Shafter Shafter CAP6/15/2023; 8/28/2023
Shasta Lake Shasta Lake CAP
Solvang Solvang CAP6/29/2023
South Gate South Gate CAP
South Pasadena South Pasadena CAP
Stinson Beach Community Services DistrictStinson Beach CWD CAP
Tehachapi Tehachapi CAP
Torrance Torrance CAP6/9/2023; 2/8/2024
Tracy Tracy CAP5/12/2023
Truckee Truckee CAP
Tulare Tulare CAP8/1/2023
Turlock Turlock CAP5/12/2023
Tustin Tustin CAP3/13/2023; 1/29/2024
Ukiah Ukiah CAP
Upland Upland CAP
Vallejo Vallejo CAP
Ventura-Unincorporated Ventura Unincorporated CAP
Victorville Victorville CAP6/1/2023
Watsonville Watsonville CAP
West Hollywood West Hollywood CAP
Westlake Village Westlake Village CAP
Westmorland Westmorland CAP
Yucca Valley Yucca Valley CAP7/20/2023

For more information contact: Short-Lived Climate Pollutants (SLCP), Organic Waste Methane Emissions Reductions,