Regulation Implementation Guidance

The links below are to information that Local Enforcement Agencies may find helpful in navigating some of the solid waste facility regulations. The information is being provided in response to questions received from Local Enforcement Agencies. Please note that the information, if utilized, should be done so in the context of the regulations. The guidance itself is not enforceable in the same manner as regulations because CalRecycle has not adopted it through the formal rulemaking process (see Government Code sections 11340.5 and 11342.6). The provided information alone should not be used to support any potential Local Enforcement Agency enforcement actions.

Please see the SB 1383 Solid Waste Facilities Frequently Asked Questions page for more guidance on questions commonly asked by facilities and LEAs.

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SB 1383 Regulation Implementation

Enforcement Agency-Specific Guidance

SB 1383 Facility Training Videos

Trainings [Note: These videos are not eligible for Continuing Education Units (CEU)]

Measurement Demonstration Videos

  • Transfer/Processing Facility: Measuring SSO (Recovery), YouTube (00:10:45)
  • Transfer/Processing Facility: Measuring MO (Recovery), YouTube (00:10:47)
  • Transfer/Processing Facility: Measuring MO (Disposal), YouTube (00:10:41)
  • Compost Facility: Measuring Material Destined for Landfill Disposal, YouTube (00:12:33)

Alternative Measurement Protocols (AMP)


Performing Measurements

Recordkeeping & Reporting

Classifying Streams

Special Scenarios

Compostable Material Handling & In-Vessel Digestion

Landfills and Disposal Sites

Landfill Status Impact Reports are due by January 1, 2023. Please send reports to and

Other Regulation Implementation

AB 1497

AB 2679

In-Vessel Digestion

Compostable Materials

Temporary Waiver of Permit Terms and Conditions (Stipulated Agreements)


Construction, Demolition, and Inert Debris

Landfills/Disposal Sites

Long-Term Post-closure Maintenance and Corrective Action Cost Estimates and Financial Assurance Demonstrations for Landfills

Landfill Gas Monitoring and Control Systems for Active Disposal Sites

For more information contact: LEA Support Services,