Landfill Gas Monitoring and Control

A landfill, by the nature of the wastes placed in it, will most likely generate landfill gas, comprised mainly of methane. This landfill gas can pose serious health and safety problems for operators and the community, both during the landfill’s operation and after it has been closed, so facilities must have landfill gas monitoring and control program plans.

Monitoring and Control Program Plan Implementation

State of California regulations require monitoring of landfill gas (LFG) to determine if it is migrating beyond the permitted facility boundary. Specific regulations governing LFG monitoring and control program design standards have applied to closed landfills (LFs) since 1990 but were revised to include active disposal sites on April 19, 2007.

Guidance prepared by CalRecycle:

Best Management Practices and Guidance

These BMPs were adapted from the SCS Engineers report on Landfill Gas Monitoring Well Functionality at 20 California Landfills.