Battery Stewardship

The Responsible Battery Recycling Act of 2022 (AB 2440, Irwin, Chapter 351, Statutes of 2022) requires producers, either individually or through the creation of one or more stewardship organizations, to establish a stewardship program for the collection and recycling of covered batteries. See Statute for the definition of “covered battery”.

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Program News

CalRecycle is soliciting feedback on the regulatory concepts presented at the workshop held on April 3, 2024, via email to or the public comment portal by April 19, 2024. The process for submitting feedback can be found on the last page of the discussion document.

Upcoming Workshops

Battery Stewardship Public Workshops

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Past Events

April 3, 2024
Battery Stewardship informal regulatory concept workshop focused on:

  • Submittals
  • Stewardship Plans
  • Annual Reports

Public Notice
Discussion Document
Presentation Slides

October 18, 2023
This informational session discussed:

  • Statute
  • Program Overview
  • Rulemaking process

Public Notice
Presentation Slides

Anticipated Timeline of Select Activities

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  • CalRecycle begins public engagement process
  • June 30, 2023 – Individual producers provide CalRecycle with a list of covered batteries and brands of covered batteries
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2025 and ongoing

  • Regulations effective no earlier than April 1, 2025
  • Stewardship plans must be submitted to CalRecycle within 12 months of the effective date of regulations
  • Stewardship plans must be fully implemented within 12 months of CalRecycle approval


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This page provides a brief overview, and is not intended to provide a comprehensive list of legal requirements. Please refer to statute for a complete list of requirements. Users are encouraged to seek the assistance of legal counsel to comply with applicable state law based on their pertinent facts and circumstances.

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