Information, resources, and examples for the SABRC category, metal products.

MetalMinimum Content Requirements

  • Minimum content requirement: 10 percent, by weight, of postconsumer material (PCC section 12209(k)).
  • At least 75 percent of the total dollars spent within this category must be used to procure metal that meets the 10 percent postconsumer content requirement.
  • Please see the SABRC section on the State Agency’s Laws and Regulation web page for general, relevant SABRC legislation.

Example Metal Types & Products

Metal types and uses include, but are not limited to:

      • Aluminum
        – Construction products, foil, wire
      • Brass
        – Ammunition casings
      • Copper
        – Bullets, pipe, wire
      • Iron
        – Auto parts, cast iron cookware, steel products
      • Lead
        – Car batteries, bullets
      • Steel
        – Construction products: nails, screws, pipe, rebar
        – Office supplies: file cabinets, scissors, staples

Note: Reused or refurbished products should be considered 100 percent postconsumer recycled products.

Misconceptions about Recycled Metal

Smashed cansAll metal is recyclable, not just food and drink cans; however, you must check with your waste hauler regarding what can go into curbside recycling container(s). Recycling centers may accept metals not accepted by your curbside service provider.

Agencies may be unsure if metal used in a product is recycled or not. Please see our SABRC Overview. Per the steel industry, all steel products meet the postconsumer mandates for the metal category. Inclusion of recycled content is inherent in other metal industries, although CalRecycle does not yet have certification.

Resources and Guidelines

  • The Aluminum Association: Provides an overview of aluminum, including the global standards and industry statistics for aluminum as a metal product.
  • Aluminum Extruders Council: A comprehensive website describing how aluminum is extruded.
  • International Lead Association: Provides sustainability policies for member companies, latest news articles, publications, and conferences regarding lead.
  • Design for Recycled Content Guide: The Sustainable Packaging Coalition provides information on recycled content and how to design packaging that incorporates recycled content in order to drive demand for recycled materials, such as aluminum and steel.
  • Content Value of Steel Building Products: This site provides postconsumer and pre-consumer recycled content percentages for North American steel building products and is considered acceptable documentation by the USGBC LEED rating system and green codes and standards.

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