Beverage Container Redemption Pilot Project Grant Program

The Beverage Container Redemption Pilot Project Grant Program awards funding to pilot projects proposed by cities and/or counties working with private businesses to provide convenient beverage container redemption in unserved areas. 

The Program requires local jurisdictions and recycling center operators to work closely together to create innovative pilot projects that provide convenient redemption options for consumers.

The goal is to improve consumer redemption of eligible beverage containers and increase recycling rates in jurisdictions served by pilot projects. 


Criteria for CalRecycle to grant a Beverage Container Redemption Pilot Project to a jurisdiction:

  • Qualify as a jurisdiction, meaning a city, county, tribal government, or a combination of, with the authority to approve certified pilot project recyclers to operate in the pilot project area.
  • Submit a qualifying application to operate a Pilot Project that consists of:
    • A proposed Budget and
    • A work plan

Priority goes to:

  • Underserved recycling deserts
  • Rural areas
  • Disadvantaged communities
  • Projects that support geographical diversity.

Eligible costs are limited:

  • Personnel costs directly related to the operation of the program, such as salaries/wages for staff performing specific activities approved by CalRecycle.
  • Purchase of equipment or materials related to infrastructure, such as:
    • Equipment necessary to operate the program
    • Technology required to administer or operate the program
  • Direct operating expenses associated with Program activities, including:
    • Rent for storage or sorting facilities
    • Transportation  
    • Supplies
  • Education activities or promotional materials 


Pilot Projects will be awarded based on funding.

Note: Funding is subject to change based on staff approval of the pilot project proposal.

For more information about the Beverage Container Redemption Pilot Project Grant Program, contact

Current Grant Cycle

Funding for the fiscal year 2021-22 application has been exhausted.

Upcoming Grant Cycles


How to Apply

Online Applications

CalRecycle grant applications are submitted online through the CalRecycle Grants Management System (GMS).