Beverage Distributors & Manufacturers Registration

Convenience Zone Exemptions and Revocations

Certification Applications

  • CalRecycle 907 (Rev. 2/18): Precertification Training and Exam Registration
  • CalRecycle 770 (Rev. 10/23): Certification Application for Recycling Centers and Processors
    • CalRecycle 758 (Rev. 2/18): Financial Readiness Plan for Submission with New Recycling Center and Processor Applications
    • CalRecycle 770 Instructions (Rev. 2/18): Application Instructions for Recycling Centers and Processors
    • CalRecycle 914 (Rev. 2/18): Notice of Operational Status
  • CalRecycle 908 (Rev. 10/23): Certification Application for Dropoff or Collection & Community Service Programs



  • A completed Portal Access Request (PAR) form is required for every individual wishing to gain access to DORIIS. Please complete the appropriate PAR form and print, sign and mail the original to the address listed on the form.
    • CalRecycle 752-PAR (Rev. 2/18): Beverage Manufacturer and Distributor Portal Access Request Form
    • CalRecycle 769 (Rev. 3/16): Recycling Center and Processor Portal Access Request Form


Local Government Agencies & Curbside Program

Plastic Market Development Payment Program



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