Venues and Events: Reducing Waste

Activities at venue and events can generate a significant amount of waste in a short period of time. Results released in 2006 of a study of 25 different venues and events in California indicated that on average 2.44 pounds of waste is generated per visitor, per day. Addressing this issue Governor Schwarzenegger signed AB 2176 (Montanez, Chapter 879, Statutes of 2004) into law targeting mandatory planning for reduction of waste generated at venues and events. The law requires the largest venue facilities and events (as defined) in each city and county to plan for solid waste reduction and upon request, report information regarding their waste reduction efforts to their local jurisdiction.

Cities and counties in California and State-owned or operated facilities also have waste reduction mandates that they must fulfill and maintain. Thus, they are increasingly looking to find ways to assist in reducing waste at the venues and events held at their facilities or located within their boundaries.

  • Owners/Operators. Tools and resources to assist venue and event operators, managers, planners, owners, and promoters plan and implement a waste reduction program.
  • Food Scraps Management at Hotels/Restaurants
  • Food Scraps Management at Stadiums and Special Events
  • Local Jurisdictions. Tools to aid local jurisdictions in their efforts to assist venues and events divert waste from landfills and the venues and events waste diversion program data needed to fulfill the reporting requirements of the law.
  • Case Studies. Learn what was successful and what was not. Review information about waste generated and programs implemented at actual venues and events.
  • Resources. Additional resources useful in planning and implementing waste reduction programs at venues and events.
  • Laws. Legislative mandates addressing and impacting solid waste reduction at venues and events.
  • Glossary. A quick overview of waste and waste reduction related terms you may encounter on these web pages and elsewhere.

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