Check Your Number!

3,000 Miles May Be Too Early to Change Your Oil


CalRecycle’s motor oil campaign, Check Your Number, urges Californians to check the recommended oil change interval in their owner’s manual.

This saves:

  • Time
  • Money on service costs
  • The environment

The old standard of 3,000 miles is out of date and no longer applies to most cars.
Many cars, even older models, can be driven up to 5,000, 7,500, 10,000, and even 15,000 miles before needing an oil change.

Facts About Used Motor Oil

Check Your Number!

Check your number today and save time, money, and the environment!


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115 million gallons of motor oil are sold in California a year.

It is one of the largest types of hazardous waste in the state. 

70% is collected after use.
It is still serious environmental problem because:

  • It has heavy metals and toxic chemicals
  • Doesn’t dissolve in water

If illegally dumped in storm drains, it:

  • Pollutes lakes, streams, and oceans
  • Harms fish and other aquatic life

1 gallon of used motor oil can ruin 1 million gallons of water.

Disclaimer: Please check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations for how often you should change your oil. CalRecycle does not make recommendations regarding oil change frequency for any specific make or model of vehicle and is not liable for any damages caused by the failure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and specifications.

For more information contact: Used Oil & Household Hazardous Waste,