Synthetic Turf & Running Tracks

Recycled tire rubber is used in the construction of many different types of athletic surfaces including running tracks and synthetic turf used in all-purpose sport fields, professional surfacing in stadiums, play areas, and putting greens. Benefits include:

  • Durability and reduced maintenance costs. One synthetic sport field can reduce water consumption by 500,000 to 1 million gallons per year, and reduce noxious emissions from mowing the grass. Running tracks provide lasting, consistently even surfaces for competitive events.
  • Increased play time. Rubberized athletic surfaces provide hours of additional play time over conventional grass, dirt or other surfaces, in any type of weather.
  • Fall safety. Rubberized surfacing is softer and reduces injuries compared to other materials like grass.


Product Descriptions

Athletic field made with synthetic turf using crumb rubber from tiresSynthetic Turf Sports Fields
Crumb rubber made from tires has been used as in-fill in synthetic turf sport fields for more than a decade, and in underlayments that provide additional cushioning under the synthetic turf system. Many characteristics of rubber infill systems have led to a resurgence in the popularity of synthetic turf in sport fields. As of 2011, more than 6,000 synthetic turf fields have been built in North America at high schools, colleges, municipal parks, schools, professional sports stadiums and more. The fields greatly reduce water use, increase play time, reduce maintenance costs, are favored by many athletes and are highly aesthetic, natural looking areas. Synthetic turf sport fields can satisfy many technical performance standards depending on its end use , including shock absorbing properties ASTM F1936 and ASTM F335A, ASTM F1292-04), Accessibility (ASTM F1959) and Surface Friction (ASTM E303) among others.

Synthetic turf made from crumb rubber used on a gravesite with headstoneOther Synthetic Turf Applications Synthetic turf can also be used in a variety of applications, including putting greens, landscaping, play areas, airport grounds, business and commercial campuses, highway medians and more. The surface can be used in various public playground areas to satisfy new federal Americans with Disabilities Act design requirements, and provide an aesthetic, long lasting surface that does not require watering and minimizes maintenance costs.

Blue rubberized running track made from crumb rubberRunning Tracks
Rubberized running tracks are typically a multilayer product using crumb rubber made from tires and resin in a composite system, formed onsite by mixing, pouring and leveling the application Rubber and polyurethane track surfaces are durable and offer enhanced athletic performance, with reduced maintenance needs compared to conventional tracks. They can satisfy relevant performance standards such as permeability/porosity (ASTM 1551) and hardness (ASTM D2240 Shore D).

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