Other Recycled Tire Products

Recycled tire rubber can enhance product performance in a variety of industries, and new, innovative California-made recycled tire products are regularly being introduced to the marketplace. Listed is a sampling of those products that are now on the market.

Product Descriptions

Horses in stables standing on stall floor mats made from recycled tires

Animal Care Products (Stall Mats)
For more than a dozen years recycled tires have been used in a variety of animal care products such as horse arena surfacing, stall mats, cow mats and equestrian barn and breezeway flooring. These products are cost competitive with their traditional counterparts, while providing enhanced performance and durability. Depending on the application, the benefits of using animal care products made from recycled tires may include reduced maintenance; increased animal comfort and reduced stress to animal joints and muscles; insulating qualities; and slip resistance.

Ballistic backdrops made from crumb rubber tires

Ballistic Backdrops
Crumb rubber made from tires is used to manufacture ballistic backdrops and mats installed in indoor and outdoor shooting range systems and other ballistic environments. Size reduce ground rubber is placed in berms or molded into tiles that can be applied on walls, baffles, ceilings and floors, providing durable, long-lasting sound insulation and bullet catchment performance. These products help to minimize the presence of lead in the environment, and can meet a variety of standards including flammability (DIN 4102), tensile strength (DIN 53571) and bullet resistance (DIN 5051-1).

Play area swing mats made from recycled tires

Other Recycled Tire Products
Other recycled tire products currently on the market include: a wide range of mats for home or industrial use; automotive/custom molded industrial parts, and retread tires. New products appear all the time; contact CalRecycle with your ideas for new products made from recycled tires.

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