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Operators should submit an application for RFI amendment for any change in design and operation.  Never assume that a “minor” change will not require an application. The LEA should always make this determination rather than the applicant.

LEA approval of RFI amendments should be considered on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, the following list of examples should be used as “rule-of-thumb” guidance only. Please contact your Permitting and LEA Support Division staff contact if you have any questions about a particular request for RFI amendment.

Examples and Case Studies

Important Note: The examples listed below have been provided by Local Enforcement Agencies. It must be understood that each solid waste facility has site specific environmental impacts and mitigations, as well as design and operational conditions. Each RFI is written differently, as is each solid waste facility permit and each environmental document. Therefore a change that might be approved through an RFI amendment for one site may require a permit revision at another; the contrary may also be true. Do not rely on this list without determining the exact facts at your site or facility and analyzing them under current law.

Examples of Site Specific LEA Approved RFI Amendments

  • Use of an approved Alternative Daily Cover (unless the previous permit or CEQA document indicated that soil would be used as cover material).
  • Improvements to access roads.
  • Changes to drainage plan.
  • Updated grading plan.
  • Updated emergency contact list and phone numbers.
  • Reflect the current status of other conditioning documents and other referenced permits (such as adopted or amended Waste Discharge Requirements).
  • Reduction in operating days or hours.
  • Increase in average tonnage (without increase in peak tonnage).
  • Change in service area.
  • Relocation of recycling facilities.
  • Replacement and installation of  processing equipment.
  • Installation of new scales.
  • Addition of wood grinding operation.
  • Relocation of household hazardous waste material storage container.
  • Incorporation of procedures and equipment for aerosol can recycling.
  • Expansion of  salvaging operations to include a sorting conveyor.
  • Change in gas monitoring well placement.
  • Update gas management plan information.
  • Identification of new gas flare location.
  • Addition of landfill gas power station.
  • Operation of specified waste module as a full scale bioreactor.
  • Updated fill sequence calculations and maps.
  • New wet weather deck operations and spotter responsibilities.
  • Addition of new waste oil storage building.
  • Removal of magnets from sorting lines
  • Addition of sorting stations & baler.
  • Updated load check procedures.
  • Description of the use of class “A” biosolids as a compost additive/ amendment.
  • New wet waste handling procedures.
  • Inclusion of CRT recycling area

*LEAs were surveyed in September 2002

LEAs should consider cumulative impacts when reviewing an RFI amendment application package that contains multiple changes.

To amend an RFI to reflect a change in owner/operator/address follow process described in LEA Guidance: Processing Procedures for a Change in Owner and/or Operator of a Solid Waste Facility.

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