Forms and Documents

Forms and documents related to the Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ) Loan Program can be downloaded individually below or sent to you by email from If you require accommodation to access these documents pursuant to California accessibility requirements, please contact the Office of Public Affairs at or (916) 341-6300.

CalRecycle 854-RMDZ

Loan Application

TitleAssociated WithNumber
RMDZ Loan Applicationn/aCalRecycle 838-RMDZ (Revised 4/18)
RMDZ Loan Checklistn/aCalRecycle 854-RMDZ (Revised 4/18)
RMDZ Loan Guidelines and Instructionsn/aCalRecycle 839-RMDZ (Revised 12/18)

Project Forms and Documents

TitleAssociated WithNumber
Project Narrative ProposalLoan ApplicationCalRecycle 826-RMDZ (Revised 4/18)
Feedstock Certification Project Narrative Proposal, Exhibit #1 CalRecycle 859 (Rev. 3/18)
Net Tons of Diverted Waste Materials From LandfillsProject Narrative Proposal, Exhibit #2CalRecycle 834 (Rev. 3/18)
Material FlowchartProject Narrative Proposal, Exhibit #3CalRecycle 857 (Rev. 5/17)
Project Readiness and PermitsProject Narrative Proposal, Exhibit #4aCalRecycle 829 (Rev. 5/17)
General Checklist of Permits, Licenses, and FilingsProject Narrative Proposal, Exhibit #4bCalRecycle 825 (Rev. 5/17)
Budget Sources and Uses of FundsProject Narrative Proposal, Exhibit #5aCalRecycle 824 (Rev. 5/17)
Budget Collateral Description and ValuationProject Narrative Proposal, Exhibit #6 and Financial Narrative, Section #4CalRecycle 836 (Rev. 5/17)
RMDZ Zone Administrator CertificationProject Narrative Proposal, Exhibit #7 CalRecycle 879-RMDZ (Rev. 5/17)

Business Forms and Documents

TitleAssociated WithNumber
Business Financial NarrativeLoan ApplicationCalRecycle 853 (New 3/16)
Business Credit Check AuthorizationFinancial Narrative, Section #1CalRecycle 837 (Rev. 4/18)
Present Debt ObligationsFinancial Narrative, Section #2CalRecycle 840 (Rev. 3/16)
Personal Financial StatementFinancial Narrative, Section #3CalRecycle 822 (Rev. 3/16)
Guarantor Personal Credit Check AuthorizationFinancial Narrative, Section #3CalRecycle 821 (Rev. 4/18)

Loan Disbursement

TitleAssociated WithNumber
Loan Escrow Disbursement Request n/aCalRecycle 809 (New 3/16)

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