Paint Program Compliant Paint Manufacturers and Brands Lists

Current and archived lists of manufacturers and brands that are covered under the Paint Stewardship Law.
The dates indicate when the lists were active.

Retailers and distributors that sell or distribute paint to California consumers must monitor CalRecycle’s list of compliant manufacturers and brands to determine if the sale of a manufacturer’s paint is in compliance with the law.

Sale of paint which is noncompliant is a violation that may result in penalties of up to $5,000 per day.

A manufacturer is out of compliance if:

  • The manufacturer is not on the current list of compliant manufacturers and
  • Their architectural paint (paint) is sold in California.

A manufacturer must come into compliance either by:

  • Joining an existing paint stewardship program or
  • Submitting a compliant paint stewardship plan to CalRecycle for consideration and approval.

CalRecycle may impose penalties against non-compliant manufacturers.

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