Stewardship Program: Compliant Paint Manufacturers and Brands

Public Resources Code (sections 48700-48706) and the California Code of Regulations (Title 14, Division 7, Chapter 11, Article 2) state that architectural paint shall not be purchased or sold in California unless it is on the most current list of covered products, posted below.

The Department updates the lists on this page as individual manufacturers or stewardship organizations provide their lists of covered products to the Department. The lists included below are the lists used by the Department to verify the compliance of architectural paints in the state of California. The Department will use lists or notices provided only by a manufacturer or stewardship organization operating under a stewardship plan approved by the Department.

Retailers and distributors that sell or distribute paint in California must monitor this page to determine if the sale of a manufacturer’s architectural paint is in compliance with the law. Sale of paint which is noncompliant is a violation which may result in penalties of up to $10,000 per day.

Current Manufacturer and Brand Lists

Below are current lists of (1) architectural paint manufacturers operating under an approved paint stewardship plan and (2) manufacturers’ architectural paint brands covered under an approved paint stewardship plan. Dates reflect the date that the manufacturer or stewardship organization provided an updated list to CalRecycle.

Past/Archived Manufacturer and Brand Lists

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