Title 27, Environmental Protection–Division 2, Solid Waste

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Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | Appendices

Chapter 1. General

  • Article 1. Purpose, Scope and Applicability of this Subdivision

Chapter 2: Definitions

Chapter 3: Criteria for All Waste Management Units, Facilities, and Disposal Sites

Subchapter 1: General

Subchapter 2: Siting and Design

  • Article 1. [Reserved by SWRCB]
  • Article 2. SWRCB–Waste Classification and Management
  • Article 3. Waste Management Unit, Facility, or Disposal Site Classification and Siting
  • Article 4. SWRCB-Waste Management Unit Construction Standards

Subchapter 3: Water Monitoring

  • Article 1. SWRCB–Water Quality Monitoring and Response Programs for Solid Waste Management Units
  • Article 2.  [S20480-S20499 Reserved by SWRCB]

Subchapter 4: Criteria for Landfills and Disposal Sites

  • Article 1. CIWMB–Operating Criteria
  • Article 2. CIWMB–Alternative Daily Cover Material and Beneficial Reuse
  • Article 3. CIWMB–Handling, Equipment and Maintenance
  • Article 4. CIWMB–Controls
  • Article 5. CIWMB–Fire Control at Active and Closed Disposal Sites
  • Article 6. Gas Monitoring and Control at Active and Closed Disposal Sites

Subchapter 5: Closure and Post-Closure Maintenance

  • Article 1. General Standards for All Waste Management Units
  • Article 2. Closure and Post-Closure Maintenance Standards for Disposal Sites and Landfills
  • Article 3. SWRCB–Closure Standards for Units Other Than Landfills
  • Article 4. Standards for Composting Facilities [Reserved]

Chapter 4: Documentation and Reporting for Regulatory Tiers, Permits, WDRs, and Plans

Subchapter 1: CIWMB–General

Subchapter 2: CIWMB–Regulatory Tiers [S21460-S21560 Reserved by CIWMB]


Subchapter 3: Development of Waste Discharge Requirements (WDRs) and Solid Waste Facility Permits

Subchapter 4: Development of Closure/Post-Closure Maintenance Plans

  • Section 21769. SWRCB – Closure and Post-Closure Maintenance Plan Requirements. [C15: §2597 // T14: §17776, §17778(g), §18260, §18261.3(a) (2 & 7), §18262, §18263, §18264]
  • Section 21770. CIWMB – Scope and Applicability. (T14:S18250)
  • Section 21780. CIWMB -Submittal of Closure and Postclosure Maintenance Plans.
  • Section 21785. CIWMB – Labor Transition Plan.
  • Section 21790. CIWMB -Preliminary Closure Plan Contents.
  • Section 21800. CIWMB -Final Closure Plan Contents.
  • Section 21805. Combined CIWMB and SWRCB Final Closure Plan Contents for Federal Subtitle D Research, Development, and Demonstration Permits.
  • Section 21810. CIWMB – Final Closure Plan Contents for Clean Closure. (New)
  • Section 21815. CIWMB – General Criteria for Cost Estimates.
  • Section 21820. Calrecycle – Closure Cost Estimates.
  • Section 21825. CIWMB -Preliminary Postclosure Maintenance Plan Contents.
  • Section 21830. CIWMB -Final Postclosure Maintenance Plan Contents.
  • Section 21835. Combined CIWMB and SWRCB Final Postclosure Maintenance Plan Contents for Federal Subtitle D Research, Development, and Demonstration Permits.
  • Section 21840. Calrecycle – Postclosure Maintenance Cost Estimates.
  • Section 21860. CIWMB -Schedules for Review and Approval of Closure and Postclosure Maintenance Plans. (T14:§18271)
  • Section 21865. Calrecycle – Amendment of Closure and Postclosure Maintenance Plans.
  • Section 21870. CIWMB – Implementation of Closure Plan. (New)
  • Section 21880. Calrecycle – Certification of Closure.
  • Section 21890. CIWMB – Revision of Approved Plans for Closure and Postclosure Maintenance. (T14:S18276)
  • Section 21900. CIWMB – Release from Postclosure Maintenance. (T14:S18277)

Subchapter 5: CalRecycle–Corrective Action Cost Estimate and Plan Requirements

  • Section 22100. Calrecycle – Scope and Applicability.
  • Section 22101. Calrecycle – Corrective Action Cost Estimate Requirements.
  • Section 22102. Calrecycle – Corrective Action Plan Requirements.
  • Section 22103. Calrecycle – Updated Corrective Action Cost Estimate.

Chapter 5: Enforcement

  • Articles 1-3. (Reserved CIWMB)
  • Article 4. Enforcement by Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB)

Chapter 6: Financial Assurances at Solid Waste Facilities and at Waste Management Units for Solid Waste

Subchapter 1: Definitions for Financial Assurance Demonstrations and Requirements

Subchapter 2: Financial Assurance Requirements

  • Article 1. Financial Assurance for Closure
  • Article 2. Financial Assurance for Postclosure Maintenance
  • Article 3. CIWMB–Financial Assurance Requirements for Operating Liability
  • Article 4. Financial Assurance Requirements for Corrective Action

Subchapter 3: Allowable Mechanisms

  • Article 1. CalRecycle–General Requirements for Mechanisms
  • Article 2. CalRecycle–Financial Assurance Mechanisms

Subchapter 4: Financial Assurances Enforcement Procedures

Chapter 7: Special Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Units

Subchapter 1. Mining Waste Management

  • Article 1. SWRCB–Mining Waste Management Regulations (C15: Article 7)

Subchapter 2. Confined Animals

  • Article 1. SWRCB–Confined Animal Facilities

Subchapter 3. Composting Facilities [Reserved by CIWMB]

Subchapter 4. Waste Tire Facilities [Reserved by CIWMB]

Subchapter 5. Transfer and Processing Stations [Reserved by CIWMB]

Subchapter 6. Solar Evaporators

  • Article 1. Solar Evaporator Regulations [Note: Regulations in this Article Were Promulgated by the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB), Are Administered by the Appropriate Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB), and Are Applicable to the Owner or Operator of a Solar Evaporator for the Management of Agricultural Drainage Water Discharges from an Integrated on-Farm Drainage Management System (Ifdm).]

Chapter 8: Other Provisions

Subchapter 1. Financial Assistance Programs

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