Tire Program Identification Number (TPID)

What is it?

The tire program identification (TPID) number is a unique identification number assigned by CalRecycle to each participant in the waste tire manifest program and identifies generators, haulers, and end-use facilities. The TPID number is used to track each participant’s activity in waste tire manifest transactions and to identify specific locations where waste tires are generated or delivered/disposed. The TPID numbers are issued by CalRecycle at no cost. Haulers receive their number when registering with CalRecycle. See hauler information.

Who gets one?

Each business or public entity involved in the generation, hauling, and delivery or disposal of waste tires. All participants in the Waste Tire Manifest Program must have a TPID. The following types of participants are included in the Waste Tire Manifest System:

  • Generators of Used/Waste TiresAny person generating waste or used tires that are transported or submitted for transportation, for offsite handling, altering, storage, disposal, or for any combination thereof.
  • Used and Waste Tire HaulersAny waste and used tire hauler hauling waste or used tires for offsite handling, altering, storage, disposal, or any combination thereof.
  • End-Use FacilitiesEach waste or used tire facility operator that receives waste or used tires for handling, altering, storage, disposal, or any combination thereof.

How to obtain a TPID

CalRecycle has issued TPID Numbers to known participants. Use the TPID Search to find an existing TPID for a business. If you are a business or government agency that generates, stores, or delivers/disposes waste tires and have not received a Tire Program ID, you need to obtain a TPID by doing one of the following:

  • Contact the Waste Tire Manifest Program at (866) 896-0600.

Using the TPID

The TPID is required on the comprehensive trip log form for each business transaction with a hauler. Your TPID number must be entered on the comprehensive trip log receipt. This number is the primary way CalRecycle knows your business and identifies the specific location where the waste tires are generated or delivered/disposed.

CalRecycle will be scanning all comprehensive trip log forms for business and government agency address information for waste tire pick ups and deliveries. Addresses not matching the TPID numbers will be flagged for follow up by CalRecycleB staff to obtain this additional site information.

The TPID number is also the means by which participants can access their online business accounts within the waste tire management system database. CalRecycle has established secure online business accounts for each participating business or government agency. By accessing their business accounts, participants will be able to view the comprehensive trip log forms that have been submitted to CalRecycle.

Accessing your business account

Each business or government agency assigned a TPID will have a secure, online business account established for them that will allow accessibility via the CalRecycle Web site. The business account will enable them to view information on all submitted comprehensive trip log forms as well as scanned images of the forms.

The on-line business account will only show data for a specific business or government agency. In addition, generators will also be able to view general trip information indicating that the waste tire hauler has delivered or disposed the waste tires from your pick up to an authorized or permitted waste tire site.

The TPID number is the key information needed for this on-line business account. To access your business account, you must enter your TPID number and a password (selected by you). Only those individuals with whom you share your TPID/password will have access to your business account.

For more information

For more information on obtaining your TPID number or if you have any other questions regarding the waste tire manifest system, see the contact information for the Waste Tire Manifest Program.

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For more information contact: Tire Management Program Hotline, WasteTires@calrecycle.ca.gov