Five-Year Plan for the Waste Tire Recycling Management Program

Senate Bill (SB) 876 (Escutia, Statutes of 2000, Chapter 838) was enacted to provide a comprehensive measure to extend and expand California’s regulatory program related to the management of waste and used tires. One of the key provisions of this measure requires CalRecycle to adopt and submit to the Legislature a five-year plan.

The five-year plan establishes goals and priorities for the waste tire recycling program and includes programmatic and fiscal issues as well as performance objectives and measurement criteria. CalRecycle adopted the current five-year plan at its June 15, 2021 meeting that covers fiscal years 2021/22 through 2025/26.

The current plan, as well as past versions, can be downloaded from CalRecycle’s online publications catalog:

Current Five-Year Plan

Past Versions

For more information contact: Tire Management Program Hotline,