Facility Permitting

California waste tire laws, found in Division 30, Chapter 16 of the California Public Resources Code, create a regulatory program designed to protect public health and safety and the environment by preventing the improper storage of waste tires. Persons intending to store or stockpile 500 or more waste tires in California are required to comply with the waste tire storage standards and do one of the following:

  • apply for and obtain a major or minor waste tire facility permit.
  • apply for and receive a waste tire facility permit exemption.
  • qualify for and notify CalRecycle that they are excluded from facility permitting requirements.

By definition, a major waste tire facility stores, stockpiles, accumulates, or discards 5,000 or more waste tires, and a minor waste tire facility stores, stockpiles, accumulates, or discards from 500 to 4,999 waste tires.

Application Information  (All forms updated Dec. 23, 2014)

Applications for a minor WTFP shall include applicable permits and approvals, a fire safety plan, as well as the following CalRecycle forms:

In addition to the above requirements, applications for a major WTFP shall include the following:

Applicants are required to submit the original completed forms to CalRecycle. Within 30 days of receipt, CalRecycle will either accept or reject the application. Within 180 days of accepting a complete and correct application, CalRecycle will issue or deny the issuance of a WTFP. Regulatory requirements for permit applications for major and minor waste tire facilities are listed in Title 14, California Code of Regulations Section 18431.

Permit Reviews

All issued WTFPs are required to be reviewed at least once every five years after the date of issuance, revision, or reviewed certification of the WTFP, pursuant to Title 14, California Code of Regulations, Section 18426. An operator of a permitted waste tire facility is required to submit to CalRecycle at least 180 days prior to the WTFP expiration date, or 180 days prior to the date CalRecycle last issued, approved a revision, or reviewed a certification of the WTFP, one of the following:

  • A certification, in the form of a letter, signed by the operator under penalty of perjury, stating that the facility operations continue to conform to the terms of the WTFP and information in the WTFP application currently on file; or
  •  A WTFP revision application that identifies proposed changes as prescribed in Title 14, California Code of Regulations, Section 18427(c).

Public Notices

This page provides access to CalRecycle public notices that may be of interest to our stakeholders related to waste tire facility activities. Some of these notices are legally required and others are provided for your convenience and information. The notices are accessible via the following link:

For more information on the waste tire facility permitting program, please contact the assigned Permitting and LEA Support staff for the jurisdiction.

For more information contact: Tire Management Program Hotline, WasteTires@calrecycle.ca.gov