Waste Tire Facilities

Potential fires and vector harborage associated with improperly stored waste tires throughout the state prompted California Legislators to create a regulatory program to ensure the proper storage of waste tires. CalRecycle is charged with the task of implementing those tire laws and reducing the threat waste tires pose to public health and safety and the environment. Current laws and regulations require people who store, stockpile, accumulate, or discard waste tires to comply with tire storage and disposal standards and to obtain a waste tire facility permit or exclusion.

CalRecycle’s tire program includes standards and permit requirements for waste tire facilities as well as enforcement actions against illegal tire facilities.

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Facilities That Can Accept Waste Tires. List of locations that can legally accept waste tires.

Tire Fires. Although permitted tire sites are required to maintain water supplies, firefighting equipment, and fire lanes, as well as limit the size of their tire piles, tire fires can still occur. Illegal dumping sites are an even bigger problem, since they don’t comply with State regulations and, by their nature, are not monitored.

Facility Permitting. Persons who store or stockpile more than 500 waste tires at a specific location may be required to acquire a major or minor waste tire facility (WTF) permit and comply with technical standards for the safe storage of waste tires unless they qualify to be excluded or exempt from the permitting requirements.

Excluded and Exempt Facilities. NEW: Facility types that are considered either excluded or exempt from waste tire facility permitting requirements are required to notify CalRecycle and comply with the technical standards for the safe storage of waste tires.

Enforcement. CalRecycle tire enforcement staff, and local tire enforcement agencies inspect and investigate waste and used tire generators, end use facilities, and haulers that pose a threat to the public health, safety, or the environment. Staff may initiate enforcement actions if violations are found.

Facility Profiles. Search for detailed information about a specific tire facility.

Waste Tire Facility/Storage Complaints

CalRecycle is responsible for investigating complaints regarding tire haulers or storage/facilities. If you think you have a valid complaint, e-mail us at WasteTires@CalRecycle.ca.gov. Include the following information and attach any evidence that you may have.

  • Name of the Person/Business the Complaint is Regarding
  • Date/Time of Violation
  • Location of Violation Observed
  • License Plate Number & Vehicle Description
  • Quantity of Tires
  • A brief statement describing the nature of your complaint

Please include your contact information in the E-mail, should CalRecycle staff have any further questions regarding the nature of the complaint.  CalRecycle will ensure that you remain anonymous.

For more information contact: Tire Management Program Hotline, WasteTires@calrecycle.ca.gov