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Biomass Conversion Facility Reporting Requirements and Forms

“Biomass conversion” means the production of heat, fuels, or electricity by the controlled combustion of, or the use of other noncombustion thermal conversion technologies on, specific materials, when separated from other solid waste.

Materials used for biomass conversion are defined as: agricultural crop residues, bark, yard, lawn and garden clippings, leaves, silviculture residue, tree and brush pruning, wood, wood chips, wood waste, nonrecyclable pulp, and nonrecyclable paper materials.

Biomass Conversion Facility Reporting Requirements

SB 498 (Lara, Chapter 746, Statutes of 2014) requires the owner or operator of a biomass conversion facility to submit an annual report to the department (CalRecycle) by April 1st of each year containing specified information for the preceding year. The annual report provides details about each specific biomass facility’s specific operations to CalRecycle. Reporting started for the 2015 report year, and biomass conversion facilities are required to submit an annual report each year thereafter.

For more information on biomass conversion facility reporting requirements in the law please see SB 498.

The 2023 biomass conversion facility annual reports are due on April 1, 2024. For information on how to submit your forms please see the “Submitting an Annual Report to CalRecycle” section below.

Reporting Forms

CalRecycle has developed a sample biomass conversion facility annual report form that meets the requirements of SB 498. CalRecycle encourages the use of these sample annual report forms to fulfill the requirements for SB 498 reporting. Sample completed forms and instructions for the form are available below.

Submitting an annual report to CalRecycle

To Email a Report:

To Mail a Hard Copy:

Biomass Reporting Coordinator
Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle)
1001 I Street, Mail Stop 10D
Sacramento, CA 95812-2815

To Fax a Report: (916) 319-7696

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