[Archives] Covered Electronic Waste Recycling Program

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On April 17, 2023, the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) approved the changes to California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 14, sections 18660.5, 18660.6, 186660.9, 18660.24, 18660.25, 18660.34 and 18660.41 as meeting the requirements of CCR, Title 1, section 100 for changes without regulatory effect.

The Covered Electronic Waste (CEW) Recycling Program (Program) requires consumers to pay a fee at the time of purchase of a covered electronic device (CED) and allows collectors and recyclers of CEW to receive payment for collecting and processing (cancelling) CEW.

In 2022, Governor Newsom signed Senate Bill No. 1215 (SB 1215), adding battery-embedded products to the Program, changing several more requirements for video display devices that had already been part of the Program, and rearranging/renumbering many statutory section numbers as a result. Several revisions are necessary to show that the current regulations in CCR, Title 14 only apply to video display devices.

CalRecycle made changes to these regulations to correct changed statutory cross-references, and to limit definitions to the scope of the current regulations. Additionally, CalRecycle made corrections for typographical errors, grammatical errors, and errors in statutory references. For a full explanation and detail of each change, please refer to the Explanatory Statement linked below.

For additional information regarding specifics of SB 1215 and the other changes made by this legislation please visit Covered Electronic Waste (SB 1215).

Current Status and Documents

OAL approved the changes without regulatory effect on April 17, 2023.

Affected Code Sections

Title 14, California Code of Regulations, Division 7, Chapter 8.2, Sections 18660.5, 18660.6, 18660.9, 18660.24, 18660.25, 18660.34, and 18660.41.


These changes were submitted to OAL on March 6, 2023, as changes without regulatory effect under section 100 of Title 1, California Code of Regulations. OAL approved the changes on April 17, 2023.


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