CalRecycle 2022 Legislative Update

SB 54 (Allen) - Stewardship programs for single use packaging

Requires extended producer responsibility program and phases recyclable and compostable single-use packaging and single-use plastic foodware rules, with 65% recycled by 2032. 

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SB 1046 (Eggman) - Only compostable or recyclable pre-checkout bags

Requires stores to provide only compostable bag or recycled paper bags for pre-checkout bags for produce, bulk items, etc.  

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SB 1013 (Atkins) - Beverage Container Recycling Program modernization

Updates include: 

  • Adds wine and distilled spirits to the program 
  • Provides grants to collect, process, and transport used glass beverage containers 
  • Eliminates option for retailers to pay $100 fee in unserved zones 
  • New dealer cooperatives for convenient beverage container redemption 
  • New Recycled Glass Market Development payment for recycled glass quality 
  • CalRecycle can require distributors and processors to report electronically 

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SB 38 (Wieckowski) - Glass beverage container reforms

CalRecycle must study and develop a process to improve the quality of glass material collected through the Beverage Container Recycling Program (BCRP) and prohibits processors from using cash to pay for empty beverage containers. 

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SB 1215 (Newman) - Adds most battery-embedded products to e-waste program

Greatly expands the existing Covered Electronic Waste Program by adding most battery-embedded products, such as cell phones.   

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AB 2440 (Irwin) - Stewardship program for loose batteries

Creates an Extended Producer Responsibility Program (EPR) to manage the safe collection and recycling of most loose batteries. CalRecycle and the Department of Toxic Substances Control will collaborate on oversight. 

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SB 45 (Portantino) - Local support to cut landfill climate emissions

Directs CalRecycle to support local jurisdictions to meet organic waste reduction requirements established in SB 1383. 

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AB 1985 (R. Rivas) - Flexibility for local biofuel, mulch and compost procurement

Phases in SB 1383 rules for local governments to procure a population-based quantity of compost, mulch or biogas and extends exemptions for rural communities. 

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AB 661 (Bennett) - Recycled products use modeled by state agencies

Strengthens rules for state agencies to purchase recycled products to meet California’s climate and circular economy targets and updates every three years to the State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign website on rules, recycled products and reporting. 

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SB 1181 (Hueso) - Waste tire tracking modernization

Authorizes a digital waste tire tracking system to replace the paper system, adding a uniform format for data reports from waste tire transporters and storage facilities. 

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SB 1187 (Kamlager) Pilot project to innovate fabric recycling

Requires CalRecycle to establish a three-year pilot project with garment manufacturers in Los Angeles and Ventura counties to test fabric recycling innovations. 

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AB 1857 (C. Garcia) - Removes the 10% diversion credit for transformation

Removes the 10% credit that jurisdictions using transformation can apply toward their 50% landfill diversion mandate and upon appropriation, requires new CalRecycle grants to support their transition to source reduction, recycling and composting programs 

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SB 978 (McGuire) - Faster, smoother wildfire debris cleanup preparation

Formalizes CalRecycle’s authority to prequalify debris removal contractors before wildfires start and develops a skilled local workforce to help rebuild communities.  

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AB 649 (Bennett) - New CalRecycle office focused on environmental equity

Creates a CalRecycle Office of Environmental Justice and Tribal Relations to maximize support for disadvantaged and low-income communities, California Native American tribes, and farmworkers within CalRecycle programs, policies and initiatives.  

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AB 2048 (Santiago) - Local waste agreements posted online

Requires CalRecycle to create and maintain a publicly accessible online database for franchise agreements held between contracted solid waste and recycling haulers and any jurisdiction or public agency. 

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