Statewide Average Monthly Scrap Value Notice


To: All Certified Processors and Other Interested Parties

SUBJECT: Statewide Average Monthly Scrap Value Notice for May 2022

Posted: August 10, 2022

California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 14, Section 2985 (b), requires the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery to provide written notification of the monthly statewide weighted average scrap values for beverage container material types reported to the department by participating certified processors. In order to keep all participants informed, the department has also chosen to post this notice.

The statewide weighted average scrap values for each beverage container material type; Bimetal, Glass, and #1-7 Plastic are the monthly scrap value purchases reported by participating certified processors. Year-to-date totals for glass are reported at the request of the glass industry. These totals for glass are provided to enable the industry to see how the value of glass develops from October 2021 through September 2022.

These data are initial estimates and are subject to future adjustments that will be reflected in subsequent notices. If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact Brenda Meden at (916) 341-6091 or

Manuel Cacho, Manager
Operations Branch Chief

Scrap Value per Ton*

 AluminumGlassBimetal#1 PET Plastic#2 HDPE Plastic#3 PVC Plastic#4 LDPE Plastic#5 PP Plastic#6 PS Plastic#7 Other Plastic
October 2021$1,622.60($6.44)$9.33$433.92$650.83$0.00$0.11$5.31$6.22$3.61
November 2021$1,581.43($6.15)$1.41$500.06$402.13$0.00$0.08$11.45$15.54$4.57
December 2021$1,523.55($8.62)$3.14$553.29$252.80$0.00$14.50$3.26$1.53$3.18
January 2022$1,758.12($7.59)$.86$624.28$242.89$0.00$3.88$29.09$11.31$3.82
February 2022$1,973.42($5.42)$2.97$636.53$275.68$18.00$0.47$9.65$4.59$5.85
March 2022$2,354.78($3.40)$1.51$605.45$215.36$0.00$0.22$5.78$3.03$7.70
April 2022$2,280.00($2.77)$8.63$563.10$178.36$0.00$0.09$5.66$4.44$6.79
May 2022$1,823.33($3.60)$8.12$491.67$299.57$0.00$0.18$12.27$3.67$2.93

* Amounts in bold indicate revised data or new data for the latest month.

Glass Year to Date: OCTOBER 2021 – SEPTEMBER 2022

Average $/Ton: ($5.37)

RC + CS + SP + CP TONS: 443,382.23

RC = Recycling Centers
CS = Curbside Programs
SP = Community Service Programs
CP = Dropoff and Collection Programs