Welcome to the Zone Information Reporting System

This system is designed to allow CalRecycle staff and zone administrators (ZA) to have a centralized information repository for a number of existing RMDZ reporting and tracking systems.

The Zone Information Reporting System (ZIRS) will help staff and zone administrators easily input, find, manage, and submit their zone activities plans, request for incentives, documents, annual reports, and business contact data. Over time, ZIRS will update, and in some cases expand upon, the information found in many existing RMDZ-related business tracking processes, all while consolidating access to that data at a single “one-stop,” easy-to-find page.


CalRecycle staff, Zone Administrators, and their designated associates can access ZIRS through a secure sign-in using a CalRecycle WebPass. So if you are a Zone Administrator or a designated Zone Representative and do not already have a WebPass account, you will first need to contact your Zone Liaison to begin the process to acquire a WebPass account. WebPass accounts are created for individuals, not organizations, and will be tied to your specific e-mail address. If you change your e-mail address or it becomes inactive, you will need to create a new WebPass account to continue accessing the ZIRS. Please make certain all individuals obtain their own password and do not share passwords within your organization. Forgotten passwords can be retrieved via the WebPass account management page.

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For more information contact: BZAssist@CalRecycle.ca.gov