Rigid Plastic Packaging Container (RPPC) Program Compliance Options

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Compliance options include:

Postconsumer Material Content

The RPPC must be made from at least 25% postconsumer material. (14CCR section 17945.3(d)(1))

Reusable RPPC

  • The RPPC is routinely reused at least five times, where the reuse is to hold a replacement product.
  • This does not refer to a container that is intended to be used or may be used to permanently hold the original product sold in that container. (14CCR section 17945.3 (d)(6))

Particular Type, Product Associated, or Single Resin Type RPPC Recycling Rate

The RPPC must be recycled at a 45% recycling rate. (14CCR section 17945.3 (d)(8))

Alternative Container Compliance Method

The product manufacturer or another company under the same corporate ownership uses postconsumer material generated in California in the manufacture of RPPCs or other plastic products or plastic packaging equivalent to or exceeding 25% postconsumer material. (14CCR section 17945.3 (e))

Source Reduction

  • Reduced Container Weight: The RPPC’s weight must be reduced by at least 10%. (14CCR section 17945.3 (d)(2))
  • Product Concentration: Product held within the RPPC must be concentrated by at least 10%. (14CCR section 17945.3 (d)(3))
  • Product Concentration and Reduced Container Weight Combination: The RPPC has a combination of increased product concentration and reduced container weight. (14CCR section 17945.3 (d)(4))
  • Comparison to Similar Products: The RPPC, when compared to another container that is alike in material type, shape and volume, must weigh at least 10% less. (14CCR section 17945.3 (d)(5))

Refillable RPPC

The RPPC is routinely returned to and refilled by the product manufacturer or its agent at least five times to replenish the contents of the original RPPC. (14CCR section 17945.3 (d)(7))

Floral Industry

The RPPC must contain floral preservatives and is subsequently reused by the floral industry for at least two years. (14CCR section 17945.3 (d)(9))

Calculating Compliance

Product manufacturers must calculate their container compliance using the formulas in the RPPC regulations. All the formulas are found within 14CCR section 17945.5.


Full Webinar: Rigid Plastic Packaging Container (RPPC) Program: Complying with California’s RPPC Law

Presented July 23 and 24, 2013: YouTube (00:45:45) | Transcript | Webinar slide presentation

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