CalRecycle’s RPPC Certification Process

The information provided on this webpage includes an overview of the Rigid Plastic Packaging Container (RPPC) law and regulations; it does not replace the requirements specified within them. Always refer to the full text of the statute and regulations to ensure full compliance. If you need assistance accessing information on this page, please contact CalRecycle’s RPPC program staff at or (916) 341-6717.

California’s RPPC law mandates that product manufacturers selling products held in RPPCs meet one of the container compliance options. CalRecycle has authority to enforce and penalize product manufacturers who do not comply with the RPPC law.

The certification process takes a phased approach over several years. This identifies product manufacturers selling products held in RPPCs and provides advance notice of when they are required to certify compliance. The phases of the certification process include:


Information You Need to Know...

  • Ongoing Registration: CalRecycle notifies product manufacturers to register with the RPPC program.
  • Year 1, Precertification Selection: CalRecycle notifies product manufacturers they are in the precertification phase by January 31. Information must be submitted within 90 days of notification.
  • Year 2, Compliance Certification Selection: CalRecycle notifies product manufacturers they are in the compliance certification phase by March 31.
  • Year 3, Compliance Certification Submission: Product manufacturers in the compliance certification phase must submit compliance information by April 1.
  • Year 4, Fines and Penalties: CalRecycle posts a list of fines or penalties (if any) levied in the preceding calendar year on or before July 1.

Please also see the detailed timeline of the certification process.


CalRecycle continually notifies product manufacturers who sell or offer for sale products in RPPCs in California that appear to be subject to the law and need to register with CalRecycle.

Notified product manufacturers register via the hyperlink provided in the registration notice.

Not yet notified product manufacturers may “register now” using this online registration form at any time.

The product manufacturer must register by submitting contact information within 90 calendar days. CalRecycle randomly selects registered product manufacturers for the precertification phase and compliance certification phase.


The precertification phase provides product manufacturers one year advance notice they may be selected to certify compliance. The advance notice provides product manufacturers the opportunity to review RPPC requirements, and ensure that all RPPCs comply with law.

CalRecycle notifies product manufacturers of precertification requirements by January 31 each year.

Notified product manufacturers respond via the hyperlink provided in the precertification notice.

Not yet notified product manufacturers may be selected in the future.

The product manufacturer must submit current contact information within 90 calendar days or may be subject to penalties.

The year following precertification, CalRecycle randomly selects product manufacturers for the compliance certification phase. A detailed timeline of the certification process is available.

Compliance Certification

Product manufacturers selected to participate in the compliance certification phase are required to certify that all RPPCs holding products sold or offered for sale in California comply with the RPPC container requirements.

CalRecycle notifies product manufacturers of compliance certification requirements by March 31 each year.

Notified product manufacturers must submit a compliance certification for the measurement period, which is January 1 through December 31 of the year notified. Compliance certifications are due by April 1 of the following year. Product manufacturers who do not comply with the RPPC law will be subject to penalties.

Non-notified product manufacturers should still ensure that all RPPCs meet the requirements of the law. Product manufacturers may be selected for precertification in the future.

CalRecycle offers guidance and tools that include:

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