LEA Equipment Loan Program

The local enforcement agency (LEA) equipment loan program provides technical and scientific equipment, calibration/repair services, and training to those LEAs whose financial or technical resources limit their ability to obtain and maintain instrumentation needed to monitor the safety and health of staff at solid waste facilities.

Equipment is loaned for a three-month period to ensure proper maintenance and calibration. If an LEA needs the equipment beyond three months, it can be exchanged for another one. To order equipment, review the procedures and submit the request, CalRecycle Form 640 (7/15/10).

Our commitment to service is evidenced through our maintenance, repair, and calibration services program. If you are interested in this type of service, check to see if your LEA-owned instrument qualifies for free servicing. Simply review the procedures and submit the Equipment Service Request Form, CalRecycle Form 720.

Staff is available by email or telephone when you have a technical question. Questions we cannot answer immediately will be researched and an answer will be provided. Whether training is provided individually or as a group, informally or formally, it will be at no cost to the LEA. Frequently asked questions about the program are answered at FAQs.