Ordinances and Policies for Local Jurisdictions

State law mandates waste reduction planning at all large venues and large events. In addition to leading by example by implementing waste reduction programs at the venue facilities and events they operate, local jurisdictions can “level the playing field” for all venues and events by developing policies that encourage waste reduction and the purchase of recycled-content products. Jurisdiction tools to foster waste reduction include:

  • General plan and environmental guidelines.
  • Statutes and local ordinances.
  • Regulations, standards, and codes.
  • Administrative policies and contractual preferences.
  • Building permit and business license conditions.
  • Tax and fee increase or reduction qualifications.
  • Loan and grant conditions.
  • Waste assessment and program development assistance.

Following are some specific tools and ideas that may be helpful.

CalRecycle Model Ordinance and General Plan Language
Although not required by State law, the voluntary adoption by local jurisdictions of a waste reduction ordinance or policy for all local venues and events would shows a strong commitment to the development of waste reduction and recycling programs at venues and events. The CalRecycle-adopted Large Venues and Events Waste Reduction Model Ordinance and General Plan Language is a good starting point for local jurisdictions that wish to develop an ordinance or pass general plan language relating to venues and events waste diversion. Local jurisdictions are free to amend the models to suit their needs.

Recycling Space Allocation Ordinances
The Recycling Space Allocation Guide was developed to assist local agencies in developing recycling space allocation ordinances and includes sample provisions of several ordinances passed or proposed by local agencies. The model ordinance adopted by CalRecycle is contained in the appendix of the guide.

Sample Ordinances and Policies
CalRecycle is continuously compiling links to adopted ordinances and policies as shared by cities, counties, park districts, etc. that you may reference in developing your own waste reduction language. Please e-mail the contact person listed at the bottom of this to submit copies of your documents so that others can benefit from your experience.

For more information contact: Local Assistance & Market Development, LAMD@calrecycle.ca.gov or (916) 341-6199.