Local Jurisdictions: Venues and Events: Reducing Waste

The waste generated at venues and events can contribute significantly to the total waste generated in a local jurisdiction. Thus it is advantageous for local jurisdictions to assist owners/operators of venues and events that operate within their jurisdictional boundaries to develop and implement waste reduction programs.

In addition, the venues and events waste reduction law (Public Resources Code 42648) mandates that local jurisdictions report to CalRecycle on a certain percentage of the venues and events that operate within their jurisdictional boundaries.

Use the links listed to the left and the information below to find the tools and resources you need to foster venues and events waste diversion in your community. While these are the pages tailored to local jurisdiction needs, you may also find it useful to familiarize yourself with the information focused on providing assistance directly to owners/operators of venues and events.

Below are resources that local jurisdictions may find useful in working with owners/operators of venues and events. If you require assistance accessing any documents on this page, contact CalRecycle’s Office of Public Affairs at (916) 341-6300.

  • Model Venue/Event Waste Division/Recycling Data Sheet
    Jurisdictions may provide this data sheet to owners/operators of venues and events to assist them in providing data regarding their waste diversion programs. This data must be included in a jurisdiction’s annual report to CalRecycle.
  • Model Letter From a Local Jurisdiction to a Venue or Event
    This sample letter may be customized and used by local jurisdictions to alert owners/operators of venues and events to the mandates and inform them of their reporting obligations. The letter is intended to accompany the Model Venue/Event Waste Division/Recycling Data Sheet. Another more generic version is also available.
  • Brochure: Waste Reduction Tips for Large Venues and Events
    The quick reference brochure provides tips on how to implement a successful venue or event waste reduction program. Local jurisdictions may find the brochure useful in providing waste reduction information to permit applicants as mandated by Public Resources Code 42648 (a) (1). The brochure has space for local jurisdictions to list their own resource contacts, such as where to take diverted materials or local contacts for additional information.
  • Pre-Assessment Questionnaire
    If you will be assisting a venue or event with a waste assessment, you may find it useful to provide this questionnaire to the venue or event operator to complete to the best of their ability prior to your on-site assessment. To complete the questionnaire, they are asked about the type of venue or event, the type of vendors they work with, their current waste handling practices, and current waste diversion activities, if any. Providing it to the operator in advance of your visit allows them time they may need to compile the information instead of trying to provide it on the spot. Having this completed questionnaire in hand when you arrive on site will save time for both you and the venue or event owner/operator. It will also help focus your efforts and activities once you arrive.
  • Ordinances and Policies
    In addition to leading by example by implementing waste reduction programs at the venue facilities and events they operate, local jurisdictions can “level the playing field” for all venues and events by developing policies that encourage waste reduction and the purchase of recycled-content products.

For more information contact, the Office of Public Affairs, opa@calrecycle.ca.gov