Used Oil Recycling Program Self Evaluation and Program Gap Identification

Welcome to the self-evaluation for local government used oil programs. This evaluation tool will help you increase used oil collection by determining which program components to emphasize and how to work within a limited budget.

The success of any used oil collection program rests on the combination of:

  • Ample and convenient collection opportunities.
  • Public awareness of these opportunities.

Step 1. First, read the information and answer the questions presented in the following categories:

Step 2. Summarize the key data from the above questions using the Self-Evaluation Checklist. This will give you a snapshot of your program.

Step 3. Use the performance measures to compare your jurisdiction to others with similar demographics and local needs.

Step 4. Identify program areas for improvement or new activities you would like to begin. Contact your CalRecycle grant manager for examples of successful projects that you can adapt from other jurisdictions.

For more information contact: Certified Collection Center, or Household Hazardous Waste,